A Christmas Buffet to complete any party!


To make sure the buffet is full and exciting, make sure you also have a bread platter with various spreads and dipping oil as well as bread sticks and crudites for your dips. Add in some crisps and sandwiches/ pizza and you’re nearly there! To check out how we make our ultimate cheese platter, have a read of our blog! 

But let’s not forget the centerpiece – the pork pie. We couldn’t do a blog about the ultimate buffet foods and fail to mention adding in delicious Yorkshire pork pies! You could do a few things when it comes to pork pie and buffets – go with a large pork pie or large pork pie with egg, slice it up and allow everyone to grab a slice, or go with a snack or mini pork pie and pile them on a platter and let everyone choose their favourite. When we do this, we make mini bunting with a cocktail stick either side that tells everyone what flavour they are – cheese and pickle, pork and pickle or just a good old mini pork pie – a classic!

What do you love to have on your buffet? We love this time of year when family and friends all get together and celebrate! There’s always such fantastic opportunities to eat and be merry and the buffet is the easiest way to do this – lay it all out for when your guests arrive and let them serve themselves. It means you’re not in the kitchen the whole party away from your guests cooking and it allows them to pick what they want! If you’re having lots of people round, ask them beforehand to bring a dish they’d like to share with everyone – bringing different flavours for everyone to enjoy!

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