3 Incredibly Easy Camping Meals


Camping season is in full swing and it’s finally looking sunny enough to enjoy the great outdoors! We’re packing our tents ready for the weekend, and making a list of all the food we need to take. If you’re doing the same, you’ll love our easy camping meal suggestions. Easy to store and quick to prepare, they’re sure to impress your camping companions!

1) The Camping Pie

The perfect meal after a long day hiking, one of our County Pork Pies forms the centrepiece of this feast. Packed with meat, it’s perfect for slicing and dishing out to a group of hungry campers.

What you’ll need:

– A County Pork Pie
– Your favourite accompaniments
– A bottle of your favourite wine. Or a box. We won’t judge.

Sometimes you don’t feel like cooking when you’re camping. You’ve only just set your tent up, or you’ve just got back from a day exploring the countryside. For those lazy days you can’t go wrong with a buffet feast, and that’s where our County Pork Pie comes in. Delicious, filling and easy to serve, we like to add a cheese board, some chutneys, salad and grapes, all of which keep really well in a cool bag.

If you’re camping with friends, why not get everyone to bring a dish for the buffet? You’ll win major points with a slicing pork pie!


2) Frying Pan Pizza

This amazing dish is perfect for lunch or dinner, and it’s the sort of meal everyone can help to prepare. Kids especially will love to choose their own toppings, and if you don’t have a cool bag you can use toppings that don’t need any refrigeration.

What you’ll need:

– Pizza dough mix (usually found in your supermarket cake aisle)
– Water
– Sun-dried tomatoes
– Your favourite cheese – mozzarella is traditional, but you can use anything you like. We like to add a blue cheese like Shepherd’s Purse for extra tastiness.
– Pesto or tomato paste

How to make:

All you need is a mixing bowl, frying pan, a knife and a flat surface for rolling. Mix your pizza dough and leave to rise (usually about 20-30 minutes). Cut it in half an roll each half out to the size of your frying pan – top marks if you’ve remembered to bring a rolling pin but if not a wine bottle works just as well, or you can even ‘pull’ the dough by hand to flatten it out.

Add a few tablespoons of pesto or tomato paste, and then add your toppings to one half. To save on mess, you can put the dough into the pan first so you don’t have to carry it across full of toppings. Put the other half of the dough on top, and then cook over a low heat for about 10 minutes. Flip the pizza, cook for another 10 minutes and voila – a fabulous pizza pie ready to cut and serve!

3) Roasted Apples

This exceptionally tasty dessert is great for cooking in groups around a campfire, and with just 4 ingredients it’s super easy to prepare.

What you’ll need:

– Apples. Enough for one each, or more if you’re feeling hungry!
– Cinnamon – ground cinnamon from a jar is fine
– Sugar – we like to use golden caster sugar or brown sugar for an extra caramel taste
– Butter – this freezes really well, so if you’re not cooking until nighttime freeze some before you leave home to keep it fresh for longer
– A campfire!

How to make:

First, core your apples and slice them vertically into 4-6 pieces, so you can still put the pieces together into an apple-like shape. Add a chunk of butter to the centre of the slices and sprinkle them all with sugar and cinnamon.

Push the slices together and wrap them in tinfoil, then put them into the coals of your campfire. Cook for 15-20 minutes, turning every few minutes, and then pull them out of the coals to cool. Once they’re cool enough to peel the tinfoil off, dig in!

If you’re still wondering where to camp this summer, take a look at our top Yorkshire glamping spots to find some inspiration!

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