5 Dry January Drinks To Pair With Our Delicious Pork Pies


If you’re on a health kick this January and trying to cut down on alcohol, you might think it’s tough to find a booze-free tipple to go with your favourite foods. Well, we’ve put together our top 5 tipples that go wonderfully well with our Yorkshire pork pies. Read on to be inspired…

An Apple and Nutmeg Smoothie
This should appeal to anyone *really* on a health kick, as it’s full of fruit, extremely tasty and quite low in calories. What’s more, apples go brilliantly with our pork pies so it’s the perfect thing to have for ‘dessert’!

You Will Need:

– One apple, chopped
– Half a cup of apple juice
– Half a cup of plain or vanilla yoghurt
– A small banana, chopped
– The secret ingredient, a pinch of nutmeg

Mix together in your blender or smoothie maker, and voila, Instant deliciousness. We love this as a lunchtime treat!

Cranberry, Orange and Cream Soda
If you fancy something a bit more fancy, this cocktail looks amazing and tastes even better. It’s got lots of citrus, it’s very smooth and the rosemary gives it something a little bit different!

You Will Need:

– 1/4 cup of cranberry juice
– 1 orange, squeezed
– A slice of orange for garnish
– A few rosemary sprigs for garnish
– Some cream soda – we like Ben Shaw’s

Serve over ice in a tall glass, or even a wine glass. It’s a great lunchtime drink when everyone else is drinking wine!

Yorkshire Tea Mocktail
A cup of tea is just what you need with your pork pie on a cold winter’s day, so how about a Yorkshire Tea cocktail? We found this recipe on The Guardian, but we’ve removed the booze so it’s dryanuary-friendly. It’s great for making in big batches and sharing with friends, so if you’re having a buffet a jug of this mocktail on the table is sure to go down well.

You Will Need:

– Half a cup of grapefruit juice
– A lemon, squeezed
– A cup of sugar syrup
– A sliced lemon
– A sliced grapefruit
– 3 cups of soda water
– 2 Yorkshire Tea bags

Mix the ingredients together in a pan, leaving the tea bags in for a couple of minutes. Serve over ice!

A Mojito Mocktail
Fresh and full of citrus, this is one of the easiest mocktails to make and is a great palate-cleanser to leave you feeling refreshed.

You Will Need:

– 2 limes, squeezed
– A cup of soda water
– Several sprigs of mint
– A teaspoon of sugar

Crush the sugar and the mint together, then put into a tall glass with some ice (crushed ice works best). Pour over the lime juice, and top up with soda water. If you’d like to up the presentation factor, add a sprig of mint on top!

Homemade Ginger Beer
We’re well-known for our parkin here in Yorkshire, so it’s no stretch of the imagination to think that ginger beer might go pretty well with our pork pies! Jamaica Ginger Beer is an obvious choice, but did you know it’s easy to make your own? This recipe takes just a day to ‘work’ and you’ll have enough ginger beer to last for months!

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