Top Summer Walks in Yorkshire


As we move into Spring and Summer, the countryside is a beautiful place to go. However, if you’ve ever been lost in the middle of the field because every stone wall in Yorkshire looks the same and everyone’s arguing because “I’m sure we’ve seen that sheep before”- you’ll know the importance of being able to read a map. So whilst we’re going to recommend our favourite Yorkshire walks, we’re also going to point you in the direction of a map reading course in case you’re new to the countryside walks – make sure you pack a pork pie in your rucksack for when you’re a tad lost and needing a pick-me-up!

There’s many one day map reading courses in the Yorkshire Dales to enhance your walking experience- you’ll be far more confident  and therefore adventurous with the routes you’re able to take! The Pathfinders Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced courses are all hosted by the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Unfortunately, these classes are limited to only a couple of days a year, however, according to Dales Bound, map reading skills can still be developed using local mountain leaders in the Yorkshire Dales who offer informative map reading courses which again, cater for all levels of abilities and experience.

Coast to Coast Walk (or Wainwright’s Way)

The Coast to Coast Walk (originally named Wainwright’s Way after Alfred Wainwright,) crosses England from the Cumbrian West Coast through into North Yorkshire and the Yorkshire Dales then onto the North York Moors on the East Coast. The walk is renowned for it’s spectacular scenery, 109 miles long and on average, it takes around 15-16 days to complete the entire walk. However the Yorkshire Dales section- in our (slightly biased) opinion- is the best part, taking around 4-5 days to complete and will take you through the Yorkshire Dales National Park and North Yorkshire. We’d recommend a similar route to Walk in Yorkshire – begin in Orton village and stay here the night to begin your trip- follow the route to Kirkby Stephen where you’ll officially be in the Yorkshire Dales as you enter Swaledale. The scenery here is lovely- Yorkshire Dales dry stone walls, small villages packed full of charm – stay here in Keld for the night. Following the River Swale, walk on to Richmond- a North Yorkshire market town which is beautiful to stay the night. The final stretch- and one that can be done alone if you want a more relaxed walk takes you down from the dales and across the Vale of Mowbray which will be the highlight of the whole trip- obviously. Finish out of the Vale as you come into Ingleby Cross where you can spend a final night.


Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge

The Yorkshire Three Peaks comprises of the three peaks: Pen-y-ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough which together form the Pennine way and if completed all together is 24 mile long and includes 5,200ft of ascent. The three can, of course, be completed separately, but for those wanting a little extra challenge, the peaks are taken on all together in under 12 hours. There are places still available for organised events throughout the summer if you’re up for a challenge but- take it from me- remember your blister plasters!


The Druids Temple Walk

Since everyone loves a pub walk- especially on a sunny Sunday, the Druids Temple Walk not only provides amazing views, but will take you somewhere you may never know was a Yorkshire point of interest- the Druids Temple. Built in the 1820s by William Danby- the Squire of Swinton, it looks like a miniature ‘Stone Henge’ and provided a shilling a day to many locals who were unemployed. Begin and end your walk at The Black Swan Inn and there are multiple routes to take depending on the wanted length of the walk. The view across the Leighton Reservoir to Colsterdale from the Northern end of Druids wood is one you won’t want to miss. There’s also wonderfully extensive views from Bivouac east over the Vale of Mowbray- on clear days the steelworks near Redcar 40 miles away can be discerned.


Let us know on Facebook or Twitter if you’re planning on walking any of our favourite routes this summer! Remember a pork pie for when you feel peckish and your camera to capture the beautiful Yorkshire scenery!

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