The Perfect Picnic: What to Pack and where to have it!


With the summer months upon us, and half term upon us this week, we’re planning a few picnics this month! They mainly revolve around- you guessed it- pork pies, but we wanted to talk you through everything you must pack in your picnic basket and where to go for a picturesque picnic!


Pre-prepare your salad, making sure to add in as many different salad components to bring variety and flavour, we went with red and yellow peppers, cucumber and lots of lettuce and rocket! We opted for no dressing, but in hindsight we needed some so next time we’re thinking lemon balsamic or perhaps even a Caesar blend. Some guacamole would be an amazing addition too!

Sandwiches are next on the agenda- vary it up by creating sandwiches in bagels, a baguette or pitta bread. For filling we had avocado and chicken salad- our favourite for having in a platter with pork pies since it varies up the meats. The avocado also means these are perfect for a picnic as they won’t be dry!

To drink, not only did we have Pimms (a summer staple) but we made a pitcher of pink lemonade adding lemon slices and ice. Make this before you go and fill it with ice so it’s still cool when you arrive. If you get a drink dispenser with a tap, it makes it much easier for everyone at the picnic to help themselves- and avoids spills!

For dessert- what’s more summery than colourful macaroons! They’re also great for a picnic because they hold together well and aren’t a dessert you have to constantly worry about being in the sun too long.

We made sure to bring a range of pork pies- these snack ones are the perfect size for a picnic- not too big and not too small! We also took along some mini pork and pickle just to ensure there was some variety of flavours! The little pots are amazing for picnics and make sure if the picnic spot is a little walk from the car, you won’t be carrying huge bottles and jars of sauces around with you- we went with ketchup and branston pickle.


Top Yorkshire Picnic Spots:

Beaumont Park – Huddersfield 

A picturesque, Grade 2 listing park which features a playground, arches and grotto and amazing castle gates. Take a picnic and sit by the bandstand before exploring the park and woodland walk.

Malham Tarn – North Yorkshire

Malham Tarn  is surrounded by beautiful scenery with the limestone- take a picnic and stretch your legs by taking one of the many walks around the area before settling down for a picnic. Malham Cove is worth the walk, it’s been a popular visiting spot for hundreds of years with the spectacular scenery making it a must see in Yorkshire. The limestone cliff was formed by a waterfall during the Ice Age, created by the melting of glaciers more than 12,000 years ago. The cliff is around 260ft high with around 400 uneven steps up to it- so we’d recommend you don’t try carry the picnic to the top where the limestone pavement is! There’s many beautiful spots to picnic around here so you really won’t be short on choice.


The River Wharfe bubbles downstream past many fantastic picnic spots, but one we’d pick out for the tranquility is Hubberholme- the shore is wide and pebbly and isn’t as crowded as some of the spots further upstream so you’re really able to spread out and enjoy yourselves. It’s no secret on this blog that we love the Yorkshire Dales, and this secluded spot is no different! J.B. Priestley- a writer and playwright- described the place as, ‘the smallest, pleasantest place in the world’ – we’d have to agree!

Do you have any top tips for a picnic? Or have a favourite picnic spot in Yorkshire? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

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