90 Years Baking Pork Pies in Yorkshire!


Get your party hats on and prepare your best singing voice; it’s our 90th birthday!

We now bake 80 million pies every year here in our Yorkshire bakery, concentrating on getting the perfect bake on every pie. To mark our 90th year, we wanted to take a trip down memory lane and reflect on our journey of where we came from and where we are now.

Back in 1795, we actually began as a brewery, brewing our own beer for over 100 years before baking our first pies in 1928. Perhaps it’s in our our roots then that have always ensured we love a beer with our pork pie. The following years were spent developing our craft; working on getting the perfect bake on our pies with the delicious golden brown pastry and the wonderful combination of seasoning to compliment our pies.


In 1989, we achieved our first milestone of baking 100,000 pork pies every week. That’s a whole lot of pies to bake! We branded our vans and hit the road going to festivals and shows. One of which is the Great Yorkshire Show which you can still find us at every year!

You’ll have seen through our blogs and social media that we’ve always remained a proud Yorkshire business. We honestly believe that we’re so lucky to live in such a beautiful place. The Vale of Mowbray itself is such a lovely place to be based and with so much in Yorkshire to see and do, we love to blog about it! James Herriot, vet and well known author once proclaimed that the view from the summit of Sutton Bank in the Hambleton Hills over the Vale of Mowbray was the “finest in England.” How fortunate are we to see it every day on our way to the bakery!


The last couple of years have been spent in talks with some of the major supermarkets. Working with national supermarkets within the United Kingdom, reaching more consumers and showing them how a proper pork pie is made! With a larger range than ever with our county, large with egg, snack and medium pork and pickle pies to name a few. They’re now in a number of the UK’s biggest supermarkets and independents. If you would like to find your nearest stockist, just check our PieLocator!

We’ve grown lots over the last 90 years. In 2003, we built a new state of the art bakery, allowing us to bake more pork pies than ever. Our goal throughout the years has never changed; remain a Yorkshire company, achieve the perfect bake every time and bake proper Yorkshire pork pies, made just right.

We can’t wait for what the next 90 years will bring. With so much happening over the last 90 from more pies produced to new branding and new factories, we can’t wait to see what we can achieve going forwards. We’ll keep going with our ultimate dream; for people all over the United Kingdom (and perhaps even further afield) to try a Yorkshire Vale of Mowbray pork pie and agree that it’s a pie made right.

So, cheers to the last 90 years and everything all our bakers and team have achieved. Here’s to the next 90!


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