A Cheese Platter Treat for our 90th Birthday Celebrations


There you have it – a really easy cheese board recipe with our tips and tricks. Remember to pair with your favourite Vale of Mowbray pork pie – we like to pop a few mini pork pies throughout the platter which makes it much easier to share – you can mix this up by having some plain and some flavoured with our pork and pickle mini pork pies.

We’d always recommend that you match your drinks to your cheese board too. The flavours of your drink can often take away from the cheese which is a shame when that’s the main highlight. If you’re going to go with one drink, we’d advise you to ensure it’s either a white wine or a beer. The wine should be very slightly sweet but not too sweet so you still get the richness of the cheese shining through. Try a French dessert wine, always our favourite is a Sauternes which we think goes the best with a cheeseboard.

If beer is more your thing, just make sure it’s not too strong so that you can still taste the cheese and not just beer! According to our research, a beer that’s not too strong will bring out interesting flavours within the cheese so for instance, hops helps emphasise the floral notes. Try a pale lager or a slightly hoppy lager with a cheese board.

Partial to a G&T? Don’t be constrained by traditional drinks with a cheeseboard! Try a flavoured gin such as a rhubarb with elderflower tonic to be a delicious treat with the cheese. Though there’s advice about what to drink with which cheese, it’s more important that you enjoy it and ultimately, pair light cheeses with light beverages and heavy cheese with heavy beverages. Just keep trying with different drinks to your platter and you’ll find one that works for you!

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