A Garden Cocktail (Or Two…)


Have you been enjoying the garden as much as we have lately? With so much time in the garden and safely socially distancing in the park, it brought us to think about this Summer. There’s still a summer left to be had – so we wanted to share our tips on our top summer cocktails (even if it’s raining, these cocktails taste like sunshine.)

A Yorkshire Cocktail

There’s very much nothing like a pork pie in the summertime as a sharing plate when people come over. Add some comedy by putting it like a fancy garnish on the side of a craft beer to make it into a Yorkshire Cocktail. A drink and a snack, what more could you want?

As you might know, we’re big fans of Yorkshire craft beer, so we’d go for something from somewhere like Saltaire Brewery or Northern Monk.

A Mojito

Nothing says Summer like a refreshing mojito. Mojito’s are Cuban so you can close your eyes and pretend to be in dreamy Cuba whilst the Yorkshire weather turns from sunny to showers at a breakneck speed. Make your Mojito using this BBC Good Food Recipe – it’s amazing.


Mocktail Option

The one thing about a mocktail is that they’re often sickly sweet so you can’t drink too much. Either balance this out with a savoury pie or, follow this easy Watermelon Mocktail recipe:

  • Cut  your watermelon into cubes and pop into a blender
  • Add in lime juice, ice cubes and mint
  • Blend and serve – it’s that easy! You could also garnish with some more mint.

Whisky Sour

There’s something sophisticated about a whisky sour isn’t there? This recipe by Jamie Oliver is a great cocktail recipe – we love the sharpness of the lemon against the bourbon and then that sugar syrup to round it all out. Perfect. It’s 5 ‘o’clock somewhere right…?

Piña colada

We can’t do a summer cocktail favourites without mentioning a Piña colada could we? It just tastes of summer. This delicious recipe will help you to make the perfect colada – though your friends may never leave your garden if you keep making cocktails this good!


There you go! Keeping it super simple as usual. All our recipes (have you seen our recipe section?) are really simple to make whilst being incredibly delicious. The good thing about simple is that it means you can spend more time enjoying what you’ve made with friends!

So invite friends to your garden (of course, following guidelines from the government at the time!!) and get making some delicious cocktails. Serving pork pies on a sharing platter with some condiments is also a great idea to make sure no one gets too hungry! The mini pork pies and mini pork and pickle pies are perfect for this, super simple to serve too!

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