A Gentleman’s Afternoon Tea: Yorkshire Style


Delicious both at home and out and about, there’s endless ways to eat a pork pie. Now, we think afternoon tea is a pretty great way to pass a lazy afternoon, scones and sandwiches are a real treat. But could it be improved? Well, we’re about to say yes and change your lives! Introducing… the Gentleman’s Afternoon Tea. We’re substituting the tea and adding craft beer, instead of scones we’re having scotched egg and mini pizza and along with sandwiches, we’re serving mini pork pies.

There’s a lot of flexibility here – we’re not going to tell you how to enjoy your afternoon tea. But hopefully you can draw some inspiration from ours to create your own – let us know how you enjoy yours!

First up – the pies (obviously.) We do lean towards using our mini pork pies and mini pork and pickle pies because they’re the easiest to eat in this format. Great for sharing, you can just pick them up and dunk into your chosen condiment. Speaking of, we went for our favourites; branston pickle, ketchup, brown sauce and mustard. What are your favourite condiments? When thinking of which sauces to try, it’s important to remember the variety of foods you’ll be having in your afternoon tea and make sure the sauce works with a few of the foods. Not to get too serious about condiments, but you don’t want to be super wasteful! Next time, we might try coleslaw too as that would work on the pastries and the pies.

Then, like all afternoon teas, we have the sandwiches. Now from an office vote, it seems the flavours are quite divisive. We went for chicken salad just because it’s different from the more pork based treats we also had. You could also try egg and cress or a smoked salmon sandwich. You don’t need many sandwiches as all the pastry is so filling!

The treats we had included scotch eggs and sausage rolls. We also had mini pizzas for added indulgence, but you can add anything you like – cocktail sausages, mini sausage plaits, bowls of crisps and so on. We’ve even seen photos of some fancy hotels doing gentleman’s afternoon tea with mini burgers, paninis and halloumi fries.

Presentation wise, you could even add in tiny bottles of alcohol like you get at a hotel mini bar. We’ve put little bottles of whiskey on our most recent celebration and everyone thought that was a great touch to an already fantastic afternoon tea!

Craft beers – we are very partial to a good craft beer. We’re so lucky that there’s so many to choose from these days. There’s some great Yorkshire craft beers to choose form, or you could try some London based ones – here you can see we tried Camden Hells, a brilliant craft beer.

We hope you like our take on the gentleman’s afternoon tea – and though it’s got ‘gentlemen’ in the name, we know a lot of women would absolutely love this too. If you create your own, let us know, we’d love to see them!

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