A Guide to our Yorkshire Pork Pies



As avid pork pie fans, we’ve been having debates in the office and bakery about what our favourite pies are and how we enjoy eating them – with what condiments. We wanted your opinion too; so let us know on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook what your favourite pie is.

Our tender, seasoned pork is all encased in classic hot water pastry which is baked to golden brown perfection.

To make choosing easier, we thought we’d show you our range of pork pies:




The mini pork pies are a real treat to pop in your bag for out and about on a walk, run or cycle or for on the table for sharing. We have mini pork pies and also mini pork and pickle. The mini pies are ideal for sharing because everyone can pick one (or two…) up from the platter along with your chosen condiment. We absolutely love serving chutneys, coleslaws and homemade ketchup with these pies. Super easy but delicious, our recipes can often be made in advance and then enjoyed once your friends and family arrive. Our pork pie ambassadors are ultra marathon running, duathlon legends and they love these mini pork pies to fuel their training; the ideal size for out and about running round the countryside too.

Snack Pork pies

We have snack pork pies in packs of two or four and also cheese and pickle snack pork pies to add variety. The cheese and pickle adds a twist to the flavours of the meat and pastry and the flavour combination is amazing. These are a great snack to take in your bag or keep in the fridge ready for when hunger strikes.

Medium Pork Pie

The medium pork pie regularly features on our dinner tables. This is an delicious but quick and easy dinner that you can pair with a whole range of accompaniment to make sure you keep it different and interesting but also ultimately filling and yummy! Try our smokey baked beans recipe for example – we paired the medium pork pie with the beans and a feta salad. Eat hot or cold, this pie is a dinnertime saviour!

Lattice Pork Pie

The lattice pork pie is many peoples favourite due to the delicious crust. The bake on the lattice allows it to be crispy and delicious. We keep the condiments simple for the lattice pork pie because of this. A simple brown sauce or a hummus dip is all you need – perhaps add a side salad too for a delicious lunch. Pair with a craft beer of your choice!

Large pork pie/ Large pork pie with egg

The large pork pie is an utter classic. Whether you want yours with or without egg is up to you. Slice it and enjoy a slice with friends or in your packed lunch, the options are completely limitless with this one. Versatile and pairs well with multiple condiments, we thought you might like to try our beer dip recipe with this one.


County/ Grosvenor & Egg Pork Pie

The true showstopper of the buffet, the county and grosvenor pies are such a treat. The county pork pie is without egg and can be sliced and enjoyed however you fancy; perhaps with a salad or pickle. The Grosvenor has seven eggs evenly distributed throughout the pie – slicing perfectly into the middle of an egg is forever one of our favourite things.

Our range of pork pies means there’s a pie for every occasion. What’s your favourite? How do you like to enjoy yours?

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