A Pork Pie Christmas Breakfast


Not too long ago, we read about a Christmas tradition from Leicestershire. We immediately knew that it would be something that we would definately do for our 2018 Christmas breakfast.

If you usually sit watching a Christmas film eating your selection box out of your stocking, this will be slightly different for you but, an ancient tradition from the Midlands is for sure going to be on the menu of our houses this year.

So why a pork pie for breakfast? Like many traditions, there’s multiple explanations that have been given over the years. Some believe it was because of the traditional Christmas gentry’s festive hunt and the pork pie was given for energy and fuel throughout the hunt. This was a reasonable explanation and the location of Melton was said to be where the aristocracy descended on to ride and hunt – pork pies are of course, the perfect on-the-go snack.

It also could have also been a treat for farm workers within the county, an annual treat to toast the hard work throughout the year.

Others claim that it was DH Lawrence that always had a pork pie for breakfast on Christmas Day with his family. A rich treat, it’s kind of like a continental breakfast of cold meats… only more delicious with our tender, cured pork and classic hot water pastry, baked to that golden brown perfection. DH Lawrence was an English writer and poet, born in 1885. His life is super interesting if you fancy researching him!

So, what should you eat it with? Since it’s the morning, our reccomendation is that you go with something that would be a traditional breakfast food – just maybe a little more exciting since it’s Christmas! Since there’s usually the whole family round to open presents and celebrate together, it’s always easier to serve up a whole buffet and let everyone choose their own. On our buffet this year; a few packs of mini pork pies plus some pork and pickle pies to give variation. The mini pies are great to put on a buffet since they’re shareable. You can also get some large pork pies or a large pork pie with egg and pre slice them to make them easier to share. To go with the centerpiece pies, we’d reccomend various sauces – we’ve learnt through years of baking pies (90 to be exact) that everyone likes something different with their pie. You’ve got HP Sauce fans, ketchup connoisseurs and those that swear by Branston Pickle with their pork pie. Let’s also do poached eggs and smoked salmon with Hollandaise sauce (with the Hollandaise on the side just in case some guests don’t like it) baked beans, French baguette with condiments and some breakfast potatoes.

We love the idea of this, of course we’ve had a pork pie for breakfast before (why limit it to Christmas?) but we really think those in Leicestershire are on to something here – with the big Christmas dinner at the end of the day, we can have a big Christmas breakfast in the morning and be hungry again by dinner!

… The selection box will have to wait until brunch.

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