A Pork Pie is not just for Christmas…


A very Merry Christmas to you all!

We hope you’re having a fantastic festive season so far, filled with fun in Yorkshire. There’s been lots to do this year from light switch on to visiting Santa in one of his grottos. We’ve also been having a great time hosting some games nights – what’s better than arguing over who is cheating in Monopoly whilst eating a warm pork pie topped with cranberry sauce.

We want to take this opportunity to share with you how we eat our pork pies this time of year. You might have seen we were featured in this Guardian Article about how we promote having a pork pie for Christmas Dinner, so we know a thing or two about pork pies at this festive season.

So how do we eat pork pies at Christmas?

Christmas dinner

We are big advocates for the pork pie Christmas dinner as we mentioned. You can heat them up to be warm with your dinner which is nice if you’reĀ  topping with gravy. Having a pork pie takes the stress of the turkey away from the day for you – you don’t have to get up at silly o’clock to get the oven heated and the turkey in. If anyone has ever suffered from a frozen turkey on Christmas day (when too much in the fridge and it got pushed to the back – what a palava!) then you’ll agree this is an easier – and more delicious option!

The leftovers

Onto the leftovers – now, we’re very partial to that 6-7pm leftovers sandwich. But what about a leftovers treat with mini pork pies? Buy extra pork pies for this (don’t reheat those from earlier) and serve with some cranberry sauce for extra Christmassy flavour. This year, we can’t wait for the Gavin and Stacey Christmas special, so we will be eating our pork pies during this for the ultimate Christmas party!


Ah the humble cheeseboard. This is often a pre dinner or mid afternoon tradition in our households, perhaps it is for you to – or maybe you have yours on Christmas Eve/ Boxing Day. Whenever we have one, it seems necessary to also be playing board games. The arguments over who is cheating seem calmer when soothed by cheese, crackers and pork pies. We add mini pies for ours just because it makes it easier to share and also makes it slightly more hands free! Mature cheddar goes brilliantly with our pork and pickle pies, why not also add a few ramekins with some Branston Pickle, coleslaw and chutney to compliment all the flavours.


Christmas morning in Leicestershire brings the tradition of a pork pie breakfast. Now, we could eat pork pies all day so this isn’t an odd concept for us. But we did look into why they do it. Turns out, with your Bucks Fizz, we could all join in on the tradition here in Yorkshire. It originated in Victorian times in Nottinghamshire when D.H.Lawrence the author had pork pies for Christmas morning. What a very Merry Christmas indeed!

How do you eat your pork pie at Christmas? What a versatile staple you can enjoy in a variety of ways!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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