An at Home Picnic!


We hope you’re all well and staying safe right now! With staying at home coupled with the good weather, we were considering how we could bring some of that sunshine inside and enjoy some fun activities whilst staying safe! Our top pick is a nice pork pie picnic.

How about a picnic indoors?

If you have a garden, wonderful, but if not, an indoor picnic is just as fun. Get the windows open to let a breeze through and then lay out your picnic blanket. You might have to wait for the picnic on the beach or in the middle of the countryside, but it doesn’t mean that the picnic can’t still have that utter magic of the picnic.

As huge foodies, we love the entire process of a picnic. Besides actually eating it, our favourite part is all in the preparation. Considering what exactly we’re going to have on our picnic is quite the debate and then packing it all in a little wicker basket feels like a whole ritual that we really enjoy. So – even though it’ll either be an indoor or garden/terrace/balcony, we’ll still be getting those melamine plates out and putting it all in the basket for a little added atmosphere.

The pork pie

The key staple in any picnic is obviously the humble pork pie. Versatility personified, what doesn’t go with a pork pie?! For a picnic, because it’s all about bitesize sharing foods to make it easy, we go for mini pork pies. We have a few choices here, plain or flavoured for example mini pork and pickle so it’s up to you which are your favourites here.

Picnic staples

Next we’re going for other staples. For sandwiches, we really enjoy mixing it up with something we normally wouldn’t have at home so it’s more of a treat. If you never take the time to make a panini or ciabatta for example, then now is the perfect time to have one. We also can’t resist some mini pastries; sausage rolls and pizzas are always a crowd favourite at our picnics!

A summer Pimms

To drink, you could have a nice refreshing homemade lemonade as a non alcoholic option, a local craft beer chilled in the fridge. Or, you could go ahead and make a Pimms if you want it to truly make it feel a little special! A positive for an at-home picnic is that you can actually have ice in your drinks and slice everything up fresh without taking lots of kit and carrying it to your picnic location!


Condiment wise, we’d usually say you don’t want too many since you’ll have to keep many cool and then it’s transporting them. However! At a home picnic, you can have as many as you like straight from the fridge. You’ll obviously need the classic ketchup and brown sauce, but why not some Branston Pickle and relish too. Coleslaw always goes well with pastry too or add a bit of a kick with some piccalilli.


For the dessert, what could be more of a treat than some colourful macaroons! Again, these are really easy to share so work well, but you could also have a refreshing fruit salad or – since you’re at home and near the freezer why not try a good old Arctic roll, it never gets old!

Whilst you have to stay inside or within the isolation of your garden, it doesn’t have to be any less special than a picnic at one of our top Yorkshire picnic spots (we wrote a blog on those here when we are able to get out and about again.) The whole excitement of a picnic is a break from the ordinary and is often a little bit of something fun so get your favourite treats together and build a little fort!

We hope you’re all safe and well, having fun at home.

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