Back to School Packed Lunch Ideas


With many of the schools in our region going back this week, it’s time to think about packed lunches and break-time snacks again. It’s so easy to get into a daily grind of making the same old sandwiches – who has time to put together elaborate lunches every day anyway? – but it’s easier than you might think to make packed lunches that are healthy, interesting and most importantly quick, whether for the kids or for the adults to take to work!

Cheese and Pickle Snack Pork Pies

Our snack pork pies are one of our most popular products, and if you’ve tried one it’s easy to see why. Delicious water-crust pastry filled with mouth-watering savoury pork, cheese and a layer of pickle. They’re just the right size for a snack or a light lunch, and they come in packs of two so are perfect for sharing. If you have a child starting a new class this term, it’s a great lunch to pack for them to make fast friends!

Cheese and Apple Sandwiches

A lovely twist on the classic cheese and pickle combination is cheese and apple, and believe it or not, it makes a pretty good sandwich filling. Grate some apple together with some cheese, add a little mayonnaise, and serve on wholemeal bread for a healthier take on the traditional sarnie.

Vegetable Crisps

We’re not sure if crisps are ever 100% healthy, but vegetable crisps are a great way to get kids used to trying new things, and they’re certainly a more interesting way of presenting vegetables! We love Tyrrells beetroot, parsnip and carrot crisps, and they go great with our snack pork pies too!

A Fruit Box

One of the easiest ways to keep a packed lunch interesting is by mixing up the “little extras” you put in it each day, and probably the healthiest way is to make the little extras some fruit! It’s all very well adding an apple or a banana, but chopping some fruit for a home-made fruit box takes a few minutes the night before and looks a lot more exciting! We like anything small, from chopped strawberries to green and grapes, orange segments, watermelon and kiwi slices. The more colourful the better!

Apples with Peanut Butter

Bear with us on this one – if you want a totally sandwich-free lunch then we heartily recommend apples with peanut butter. It’s actually a pretty healthy snack, and for anyone who likes peanut butter it’s also a great treat. We’ve never tried adding a pork pie to the mix, but who knows…apples and pork pies work after all!

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