Back to school? Spruce up your lunchbox…


Next week marks the end of the long summer holiday. Whether it’s your child going back to school or yourself as a teacher, it’s easy to get stuck in the daily grind of making the same standard sandwiches. We know on a morning it’s hard to get ready for school – especially after 6 weeks, we all get out of practice! However, there’s lots of ways to keep it interesting (with healthy options too!) which means not only can you vary it up, but you don’t have to stand and make the same sandwich day after day, week after week. Trust us, we know it can get boring despite the fact you could make peanut butter sandwich in your sleep!

So what are our top picks?

Mini pork pies and salad

The first – obviously, is a mini pork pie and some salad. This is perhaps the easiest lunch ever and incredibly tasty. Just grab a Tupperware, pop in a mini pork pie or two, then add in some lettuce leaves, tomato, cucumber and shredded carrot. Extra points for adding in some avocado, red pepper and onion. You can also get little Tupperware containers which are meant for a sauce or a side which are awesome for filling with salad cream, coleslaw, branston pickle or a balsamic/olive oil salad dressing which keeps everything fresh and ensures the salad and pork pies doesn’t go soggy before lunchtime as they perhaps would if you’d left them in a liquid all morning!

Chicken salad wrap

If you’ve eaten so many sandwiches last term that you’re afraid you might turn into a sandwich, try a wrap instead. Often healthier, they’re just as easy to make and it feels a bit more fancy and is something different. You can grill your wrap or just take it out the wrapper and spread mayo or salad cream over one side. Here you could also use hummus which adds flavour and works really well with the wrap. Either cook your chicken in a frying pan with some oil and herbs on, or buy it pre-made if you know you’re short on time. Add in the chicken and a few bits of salad – lettuce leaves, cucumber and red pepper work well. Whilst we love tomato – there’s always the risk it will squirt when bitten into and those pesky tomato seeds will hit you right in the eye – trust us, it’s not fun. Roll it up and you’re ready to go! If you’ll be hungry after a wrap, pack some crisps too or some fruit and you’re done!

Roasted chicken and veggies

Not everyone is a fan of salad, so mix it up with some veggies! If you’re still wanting to keep it healthy, meal prepping is the way to go. When you wake up, go prep your lunch before getting ready – allowing it to cook before you pop in the shower and do your makeup, by the time you’re ready, your food will be too! You can also make this the night before too and keep it in the fridge once cooled if you know the morning is a rush. Grab a sheet pan, line it with foil and pop your chicken breasts (cut into chunks) and veggies into it. We go with broccoli, courgette, cherry tomatoes and red onion. Sprinkle garlic over all of the ingredients and then drizzle olive oil over it too for flavour and to ensure it’s not dry. Here you can get creative and add in any other spices! Transfer into a Tupperware and you’re done!

For the side

There’s always got to be a side to the main, what do you usually go for? Here, it’s fun to vary it up from day to day. Apple with peanut butter, crisps, a chocolate bar or a fruit salad. You could also have a biscuit or a cupcake to treat yourself if it’s Friday!


What do you have in your lunchbox? Whatever it is, we hope it often features a mini pork pie as a filling and delicious treat!

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