Back to school? Step up your lunchbox game…


We can’t believe it’s almost back to school time again! Summer seems to have passed really quickly, but whether you’re sending your kids back to school or you want to give your own lunchbox a little spruce up, this blog is for you! It’s easy to fall into the trap of eating the same thing for lunch day in and day out, we’re always guilty of that, so we asked everyone their top back to school lunchbox ideas to share with you!

Mini pork pies with salad

We obviously couldn’t do this blog without a mini pork pie! They’re the ultimate lunchbox staple because:

a) they’re delicious

b) they’ll fill you up and give you enough protein to power through the rest of the day

c) they go with everything, no matter how much or little you have in the cupboard at the end of the week before you find time to go to the shops, you can find something to go with a pork pie

d) did we mention, they’re delicious?

Pair with a salad or if you have a microwave at work, try with some baked beans.

A wrap

The humble wrap is very underrated. We’d go with a chicken tikka, hummus and a crunchy salad for a really tasty option but you could also try grated cheese, fish and mixed pepper salad for a wonderful flavour combination. Try a beetroot wrap with carrot, sliced turkey and spinach for a lean healthy option. We’d recommend you stay away from too many dips as by lunchtime it will be soggy if you put too much liquid in! That’s why we chose hummus.

Jacket potato

The jacket potato is often overlooked when personally, we think it should be heralded for it’s versatility. Add beans, tuna and sweetcorn, cheese and pair with a side salad – and that’s all you need! As we mentioned with our pie, it’s important that you’re full all afternoon so that you’re at your optimal brain capacity and not dreaming of food! Limitations of this will be that you need a microwave.

Tortilla bowls

Make these tortilla bowls the night before and make extra to take to work/school the next day in a trusty Tupperware. Griddle sweetcorn, chilli, kidney beans, red pepper, coriander and drizzle with olive oil and lime. Char lettuce cobs, turning every minute or so. Serve on a floured tortilla.

Roast chicken and veggies

Make this in the morning whilst getting ready – that way it’s still fresh for lunchtime. You could make it the night before if the mornings usually descend into chaos, but this will probably take as long as your shower, hair and makeup routine. In a sheet pan, line with foil and lay in your chunk of chicken breasts and put your veggies round it; broccoli, mushrooms, courgettes, red onion, cherry tomato, red pepper etc. Sprinkle with garlic and add in olive oil for flavour – making sure this is evenly coated. Add in any other ingredients or spices to your preference. Store in a Tupperware and make sure it’s cool before you put the top on.

For a treat

A lunchbox isn’t complete without a treat! Whether that’s a packet of crisps or chocolate bar for a treat or something healthier such as apple and peanut butter or fruit salad.

Let us know on social media what your favourite lunchbox meal is – we’re obviously partial to our pork pie idea – if you are too, let us know your ultimate lunchtime pork pie choice. If you need any more inspiration for what you can eat with your Vale of Mowbray pork pies; check out our recipe section, we update it regularly!

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