Monday; not so blue after all.


You might hear today of the phrase ”Blue Monday” being thrown around today. We don’t agree there’s such a thing.

Every third Monday in January is called blue Monday. It’s named as such because apparently it’s the most ”depressing” day of the year. We’re freezing from the colder weather setting in, pay day was around Christmas and the end of January pay day seems far away. New Year’s resolutions have all been discarded sometime around January 2nd – you didn’t really think we would go on a run everyday did you?

However. It’s all just a concept begun in 2004 to sell more flights for Sky Travel. Make us feel miserable in our everyday lives and book flights for the coming year to brighten up our day – hence not feeling so blue anymore with the promise of sun, sea and sand in the future.

The problem with it is, that today isn’t so blue and is no different from any other. It’s cold outside, so grab a scarf and wrap up warm. Pay day isn’t so far away – instead of going out and spending lots of money, plan a cosy night in with friends and ask everyone to bring one dish of food so that you have a feast. New Year’s Resolutions wise; even if you’ve not achieved what you wanted to by now, you’ve got plenty of time.

It’s the 21st January now, so you have 344 days to get on your running shoes and increase your motivation. Maybe it’ll be easier in spring/summer when it’s lighter and warmer. That’s not to say you have to put everything on hold until the warmer months but just to not put so much pressure on yourself that it affects how you feel today. Be nice to yourself, settle down with a nice warm pork pie and some mash potato (what we fancy right now!) and read our reasons why this so called Blue Monday, really isn’t so blue after all.

How to make yourself happy on this (and every) Monday:

  1. Pork pies exist for a reason. Happiness in a wrapper, our pies are baked in Yorkshire. We’ve been baking them for over 90 years in the Vale of Mowbray, a beautiful area in North Yorkshire with stunning scenery. Using classic hot water pastry and tender pork, we bake them to a golden brown perfection. You can serve them with whatever will make you happiest tonight. Check out our Pie Locator to find your closest Vale of Mowbray Pork Pie.
  2. We read some statistics – each Monday, there’s over 5,000 weddings, 10,000 new babies born and 600 dogs adopted. The phrase ”I love you” is reported to be said over 9 million times. Pretty great stats. When you look at it this way, maybe today isn’t so blue after all.
  3. There’s so much to look forward to. Instead of getting down because it’s all over social media and you feel you’re supposed to feel a certain way, think of all the opportunities for fun that 2019 will bring. If you need some inspiration, read our guide to everything coming up in 2019 in Yorkshire. Add that to any summer holidays or events in your 2019 and it’s shaping up to be a pretty good year.
  4. The news lately seems to be all revolving around certain topics. It’s important to know what’s going on in the world however, we love to visit Good News sites too. How about this article about how Nepal is set to be the first country doubling it’s wild tiger population. Or how this 9 year old built a kitten a tiny wheelchair and changed it’s life. Positive news is but a click away!
  5. A cosy night in – we mention it time and time again. But. Nothing beats it. With news reports telling us snow is on the way, we find ourselves spending the least time outside as possible. If you see human marshmallows – it’s bound to be the Vale of Mowbray team bundling ourselves in layers of scarves, jumpers and thermals running into the factory to bake delicious pies. No cold weather can stop our love for baking pies, but on a night time, we’re all about staying in. A roaring fire, glass of cold craft beer and a warm pork pie with a comforting accompaniment of winter veggies and probably some cheese. Perfect.

We hope that today you feel the same as normal and can ignore the hashtags. Monday’s aren’t so bad. They mark the start of a new week and everything you can achieve in the week. For us, we bake around 1.5 million pork pies fresh in Yorkshire every week. Monday starts the beginning of this, so, we best get going! Remember that our pies are now in more national supermarkets than ever. To find your closest, just take a look at our pie locator. 

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