British Pie Week!


Happy British Pie week everyone! Aka: the best week of the entire year.

Now, pork pies are, of course, not to just be enjoyed one week a year. A year round treat, pop them in your Summer picnic or enjoy in winter with some winter veggies and a generous heaping of gravy. With such versatility, what’s not to love!

We’ve been baking pork pies for over 90 years. Every year, 80 million delicious pork pies are baked in our Yorkshire bakery and are now stocked in Yorkshire’s major supermarkets and beyond. In 1795, we were actually a brewery – and though a craft beer is something that goes amazingly with our pork pies, in 1928 we started exclusively baking pork pies.

Since then, we’ve been working on our pies – ensuring the perfect bake every time. Each of our pies is full of flavour and seasoned to perfection, we’re unable to pick our favourite flavour! Which is yours?

‘Pies made right’ is something we really believe in – from the bake, quality ingredients and recipe. We ensure every pie that leaves the Vale of Mowbray is the ultimate pork pie to delight your taste buds however you’re enjoying it. Have you had a look through our recipes section to see how you could eat your Vale of Mowbray pork pie?

In 2003, we built a new state of the art bakery so that we could increase production to meet demand and find new opportunities as we grow over the next 90 years! Our range of pork pies includes mini, mini pork and pickle, individual, large, large with egg, county… the list goes on! Plus, we’ve got quite an exciting announcement coming soon…



So happy British Pie Day! There’s so much to celebrate this week; how will you be enjoying your pork pies this week?

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