British Pie Week


What are you eating with your pies during British Pie Week? Remember: when your potatoes are nearly ready, make sure to take your pork pie out of the packaging and pop it on a shallow baking tray, warming for around 20 minutes until it’s piping hot throughout.

Serve with vegetables – we’re recommend asparagus, broccoli and maybe some garden peas too. We’d also be tempted to serve with some thick gravy drizzled over the pie, veg and potatoes; what a mouth watering thought! There’s nothing quite like a comfort meal at the end of a chilly day – remember if you’ve made this recipe to tag us on social media so we can see your delicious creations!

So Happy British Pie week – we hope you’ve had a pie filled week! Remember to check our recipes section to see if you’ve missed any delicious recipes to try this week!

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