An Ultimate Pork Pie Brunch


And there you have it, a simple brunch recipe which will please everyone! A Sunday brunch is one of the best rituals to have – invite friends over and celebrate all you’ve done and achieved that week. After brunch, when you’re full up and therefore happy, take part in an activity – go on a walk, bike ride, take a group yoga or spin class; the options are endless and will make sure you make the most of your Sunday!

To drink, for brunch, there’s little better than a champagne cocktail. We have a few favourites:


Pomegranate champagne cocktail

  • Take a pomegranate liqueur, such as Pama and fill the glass half way
  • Pour your favourite champagne (or prosecco) to fill the glass
  • Garnish with mint and some pomegranate seeds at the bottom of the glass


Using cava or a dry prosecco and fresh orange juice, a mimosa is a common cocktail but a good one, so we’ll allow it.

  • Equal parts fresh orange and half cava, you can customise the drink a little more by adding more or less cava and also adding in some orange liqueur such as triple sec. This will depend on how boozy your brunch is!

Make sure all your drinks are chilled before you serve them – champagne isn’t nice warm and isn’t as refreshing!


Enjoy¬† your brunch, remember to tag us in any pictures once you’ve made our recipes, and be sure to look at our other recipes!¬†

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