A Chilli Chutney Kick for your Pork Pie


How do you enjoy your cheese board? We’re always partial to a baked Camembert on our cheese board, make sure to bake some bread to enjoy too with this. To create the ultimate cheese board, it’s important to have a variety of texture and flavours and so we love to add some Tyrrell’s Sea Salt crisps as well as water biscuits and cream crackers just to add a little something extra!

To go the extra mile with the pie, warm them in the oven at 180°C until they’re piping hot, take them out the oven, sprinkle grated mature cheddar cheese on top and put them  back in the oven just until the cheese has melted. The cheesy flavour works amazingly with our mini pork and pickle pies as the flavours really compliment each other, but this will work with any of our pies!

What board games would you play whilst you enjoy your pork pie and cheese board? We’d go for a classic Settlers of Catan, an addictive game which sees the players build roads and towns to gain control of the sections and rack up victory points, from experience, it’s a competitive game that usually leads to the rule book being pulled out more than once!

Let’s not forget the drinks! To mix with a cheese board, a beer will satisfy most. Try beer that isn’t too strong so the flavours of the cheese can come through, the worst thing you can do is to ruin the delicious spread by an overpowering drink! We’d also recommend a gin and tonic which pairs great with creamy cheese such as the Camembert.

Enjoy your night in, whilst the weathers colder we much prefer cosy nights in with friends and a cheese and games night sound a good weekend plan to us!

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