Condiment World Cup: day 4 preview


Number of Matches: 15
Groups in Action: A, B, D, E, F
Somebody shares a Pork Pie with you: No chance, who shares?

Condiment World Cup

Bonjour world! Hope you’re enjoying the Vale of Mowbray Condiment World Cup so far, if you’re not then maybe you prefer Chips with no Ketchup, Beef with no Gravy, Pork Pies without Piccalilli! If that sounds like you then;

A) How have you ended up here?
B) Apologies to my daughter Olive, she’s crying
C) Go away

For the rest of you, you saucy bunch, here’s today’s fixtures;

Apple Sauce V Sillylilli
Piccalilli V Tomato & Chilli Jam
Salad Cream V Horseradish Sauce
Dijon Mustard V Branston Pickle
Sriracha Sauce V Hoisin Sauce
Banana Ketchup V Habanero & Red Pepper Chutney
Smoked Sriracha V Brown Sauce
Lou’s Hot Sauce V Soy Sauce
Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce V Redcurrant Jelly
Salsa Macha V Perinaise
Mint Sauce V Tomato Ketchup
Burger Relish V Sweet Garlic Pickle
Mayonnaise V Beetroot Chutney
Tomango Ketchup V Caramelised Onion Chutney
English Mustard V Mango Chutney


I’ve sent off my application to help the makers of Mayo out with their marketing, I’ve gone with the tagline,
‘Mayo – When you like it moist, but don’t like to taste it’, what do you think?
OK, maybe I’m being a little harsh, Mayo has its uses, how else are you going to hold together that boiled egg you’ve just smashed up with a fork?

Big match of the day for me is Salad Cream Vs Horseradish. Salad Cream (which incidentally contains neither Cream nor any Salad items) reminds me of my days at Huddersfield University, Bow-Tie Pasta, Salad Cream and a sprinkling of Cheese was my go-to dish, I’d still eat it today if it wasn’t for all these expectations of being an adult. Horseradish is one of those condiments I’ve grown in to, now I can’t have Sunday Dinner without it whatever the meat, much to the dismay of the waitress at ‘The Angel at Hetton’ when I asked, ‘But Sir, you have the lamb’, ‘Yes, I do, and you have the Horseradish’.

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Got to go, I’ve got to write some fan fiction about Nick Berry & Bill Maynard as a crime fighting duo in Skipton.

Alex D’Spoon

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