Condiment World Cup: day 5 preview


Number of Matches: 15
Groups in Action: A, C, D, E, F
Speed walking to the shop when you hear Chutneys on offer: Possible

Condiment World Cup

Game day 5, the penultimate day of the group stages, and the final day for group A. We’ll have our first condiments confirmed for knockout matches by the end of the day. Let’s take a peek at today’s fixtures;

Worcestershire Sauce V BBQ Sauce
Peach Chutney V Tartare Sauce
Old English Chutney V Farmhouse Chutney
Tomato & Chilli Jam V Apple Sauce
Horseradish Sauce V Sillylilli
Salad Cream V Piccalilli
Hoisin Sauce V Dijon Mustard
Habenaro & Red Pepper Chutney V Branston Pickle
Banana Ketchup V Sriracha Sauce
Soy Sauce V Smoked Sriracha
Redcurrent Jelly V Brown Sauce
Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce V Lou’s Hot Sauce
Perinaise V Mint Sauce
Salsa Macha V Burger Relish
Tomato Ketchup V Sweet Garlic Pickle

I received a letter today from a Ms Lingard of Wetwang, it reads;

Dear Alex,

Although I’ve enjoyed the Vale of Mowbray Condiment World Cup, I must say it has caused deep upset that Soy Sauce is included in this list. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve often used the salty wet stuff in stir fries and eggy fried rice dishes, but you made bold claims at the start of this competition that these condiments go well with Pork Pies or Scotch Eggs! Never could I bring myself to dip any of these picnic staples into the watery brown liquid! Sort it out.

Ms Lingard

I haven’t replied yet, I thought it best to try it out myself and give her a full review.

*Moments later*

Yea she has a point, I’ve just dunked a whole scotch egg into a bowl of Soy Sauce, as I lifted it out the sauce dripped off and has made a complete mess of my Daily Star. But oh my, what a taste sensation, the rich umami saltiness with the egg and sausage meat of the scotch egg is A.MA.ZING! Sorry, Ms Lingard, you’re on your own on this one.

Get yourself over to the Vale of Mowbray social pages and start voting for your favourites, cast multiple votes by voting across Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Sorry, must leave now, my kettle is booked in for a service.

All the best,
Alex D’Spoon

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