Condiment World Cup: Preview


Game Day 1

Number of Matches: 15
Groups in Action: A, B, C, D, E
Chance of feeling peckish: High

Condiment World Cup


Here we are, day 1 of the Vale of Mowbray Condiment World Cup! I’m as excited as that time I bumped into Fred Elliot outside Colemans chippy in South Shields. Treated myself to an extra Spam fritter that day! I mean I was excited, but old Freddy didn’t really appreciate that I kept calling him Fred, apparently that’s not his real name.

Anyway, lets have a gander at the first round of matches;

Perinaise V Burger Relish
Beetroot Chutney V English Mustard
BBQ Sauce V Old English Chutney
Apple Sauce V Salad Cream
Dijon Mustard V Banana Ketchup
Mint Sauce V Sweet Garlic Pickle
Tomango Ketchup V Mango Chutney
Peach Chutney V Farmhouse Chutney
Horseradish Sauce V Piccalilli
Habenaro & Red Pepper Chutney V Sriracha Sauce
Salsa Macha V Tomato Ketchup
Mayonnaise V Caramalised Onion Chutney
Worcertershire Sauce V Tartare Sauce
Tomato & Chilli Jam V Sillylilli
Hoisin Sauce V Branston Pickle

Whoooo maaaaan! So much action going down, so many big games!

It’s David Vs Goliath in the group A game between the big dawg Tommy K and artisan Salsa Macha, produced by the Tacos Padre team based in Borough Market. I have to hold my hands up, I can only see that going one way, but if you’ve never tried Salsa Macha, I urge you to get some, one taste and you’ll be retiring your squeezy bottles of the red sauce. Goodnight, Ketchup, the adults are eating now and you’re not invited.

It’s derby time in group B, a juicy mango mash up as newcomers Tomango Ketchup takes on everyone’s favourite part of going to the Indian restaurant, mango chutney. I can’t call which way this one is going to (man)go but I know its going to be sweeeeeet!

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Ok, I’ve got to go, I’m off to get myself a Spam fritter and catch up on 15 years of Coronation Street.

Until next time, Cya!
Alex D’Spoon

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