It’s our favourite week of the year- British Pie Week!


Whilst we’re firm believers pie should be eaten and appreciated all year round, there’s one week in which pie takes center stage and reaches the level of appreciation it truly deserves- British Pie Week. Whilst we could never pick favourites between our 7 ranges of pies, we would like an unbiased debate amongst lovers of our pies to see which is your ultimate pie this week!

The Grosvenor

We never compromise with the flavour of our pies, using only the best ingredients- so we went all out with this one and squeezed 7 eggs into the Grosvenor pie- meaning that in every slice you’ll always get the perfect ratio of egg:pie. Lately, we’ve been enjoying accompanying this pie with some baked beans on a lunch; a super quick and easy meal which will keep you full all afternoon- with the egg added in, along with the meat and the hot water-crust pastry case, it really is a delicious treat.

The County

They say ‘sharing is caring’ – but that doesn’t count with pies right? If you are made to share your pie with family and friends, it’s best to get one of our larger pies to ensure you still get your slice! If you’d prefer a pie without egg- this one’s for you. Food is our favourite way to be social- invite your friends over, slice up a pie and have a range of accompaniments ready on the table, we find some mushy peas and a pint always go down well amongst us Yorkshire folk!

The Large

A family favourite, the large pork pie is big enough to share- if necessary. If you’re rushed off your feet after work, these come in very handy to have in the fridge for an extremely easy meal! Warm in the oven and serve with your favourite side and your family will still think you’ve cooked them a special treat even though it’s such a quick meal- we won’t tell if you don’t! A hot topic over on our Twitter a few weeks ago; to egg, or not to egg?

The Medium down to the mini

If you’re on the go or partial to taking a snack with you whilst going out and about, the smaller pies are for you! From putting in a school lunch box or taking one to work to putting them in the picnic basket for a family day out, there’s no occasion that doesn’t require a pork pie! We find many people love to take our pies out and about with them on a weekend when they’re going walking or cycling in the Yorkshire countryside and need a bit of a filling treat when they’ve reached the top of the hill- remember we’d love to see photos of you and your¬†Vale of Mowbray pork pie¬†around Yorkshire!

So which fits in best with your lifestyle? Do you prefer egg in your pie or no egg? What are your favourite sides to our pies- or do you prefer them on their own to best appreciate their flavour? These are all topics we want to hear your thoughts during British Pie Week!

During the week we’ll be posting lots over on our social channels Twitter and Facebook – including any offers on at supermarkets this week, so head on over and follow us over there so you don’t miss out!

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