Friends-giving calls for delicious Pork Pies (and brussel sprouts!)


Brussel sprouts aren’t always a popular dish, but crisp them up and they’ll go down a treat!

To complete the dinner, pop some of our Yorkshire pork pies in the oven so they’re hot throughout. Add in some roast potatoes, gravy and a Yorkshire pudding (or two…) and you’re sorted! We love the friends-giving idea, an evening in to celebrate another year of friendship and everything you’ve done that year. It’s also a fantastic way to trial your Christmas dinner on a smaller scale – if you were thinking of making a dish but weren’t quite sure how it would work out, try it for friends-giving and see if it works!

Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated in the US that is a day of thanks for the blessings of the previous year and the harvest. Celebrated originally as the harvest festival, it opens the holiday season for Americans. The story of Thanksgiving dates back to 1620 when the Pilgrims landed in America and settled in Plymouth – just South of where Boston is today. The winter that followed their arrival was a brutally harsh winter, limiting their rationsĀ  – leading them to plant their own crops come the Spring. After a year learning how to hunt and provide for themselves, after a Native American named Squanto taught them, they were able to store up food for the coming winter, after harvesting their crops they invited the Native Americans to join them for a huge harvest feast – which has turned into today’s Thanksgiving tradition.

Decades later, the holiday is still celebrated in parades, feasts and Presidential traditions. How are you celebrating Thanksgiving? Or are you going to throw a friends-giving with your closest friends and reminisce about the last year and all you’ve got up to!

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