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As many of you are aware, for over 90 years we’ve been baking delicious Pork Pies that have been enjoyed by millions of people all over the UK. But did you also know that we’ve always provided product to Butchers, Cafes & other Retail businesses?

Mainly focusing are attention on Pork products like Gammon, Bacon & Sausages, we’ve also expanded our range to Chicken, cooked meats & sandwich fillers, as well as our famous Pork Pies.

We now wanted to open up the opportunity of buying from our range of quality meats, to the wider public. We’ve created bespoke packages of meats & pies to cater for various needs, designed for you to be able to fill your freezers and keep your family going for a while. Here’s what you can expect to be on offer;

Grill & Joint Box

  • Gammon Corner joint (approx 2.8lb/1.3kg)
  • Pork Tenderloin (approx 1.1lb/500g)
  • 6lb/2.72kg Sausages
  • 5lb/2.27kg Bacon
  • Selection of Pork Pies

Breakfast Box

  • 6lb/2.72kg x Sausages
  • 5lb/2.27kg x Bacon
  • 2.2lb/1kg x Black Pudding
  • Selection of Pork Pies

Premium Chicken & Bacon Box

  • 11lb/5kg x Chicken Breast
  • 5lb/2.27kg x Bacon

We’re also offering the opportunity to purchase 11lb of Chicken breast on it’s own as we know Chicken is a very diverse meat for everyday dishes that please all the family.

If you’d like to know more, then you can check out this service at our Meat Box Deliveries website.

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