How to celebrate Yorkshire Day


It’s Yorkshire Day this week! Here in God’s Own County, there’s so much to do to celebrate. We usually love taking a look through to see all the activities we can do – obviously this might be a little different this year. However, there’s still so much to do in a safe, social distanced way that we wanted to share with you. We’re a proud Yorkshire business, after all, who makes a pie as good as the Yorkshire folk? So, whatever you choose to do on Yorkshire day, remember – you need to add a pack of your fave Vale of Mowbray pork pies to your basket in preparation.

So without further ado, what to do on Yorkshire Day:

Harewood House

Great for a family day out, Harewood House is back open with social distancing measures in place. If you’d like to explore the house, its a one way system but otherwise, there’s  120 acres of beautiful gardens, a farm and a bird garden to explore. Take a picnic with you and just settle down to enjoy the day on a picnic blanket; there’s very little that’s better than a sunny day in Yorkshire with a lovely setting and a pork pie in hand. Try it, you’ll like it.

There’s also some drive in movies here, not on the 1st August (Yorkshire Day) unfortunately, but they are on from the 4th, so we can pretend they’re part of celebrations if that counts?

Walk an Alpaca

You’d be forgiven for not linking alpaca and Yorkshire together, but bear with us here. You don’t need to be in South America to walk an alpaca (though you can pretend if you’d like) you can do it at Treeside Alpacas. We’ve also been to Nidderdale Llamas so take your pick of the experiences and get out in nature with a furry friend to walk!

Stockeld Park

There’s always so much to do at Stockeld Park – and you can view their opening safety brief here if you’d like before you go. But, there just seems so much to do! From pedal go carts and tree adventures to the spider’s lair and playgrounds, it seems a lot of fun for kids and families. It’s tucked away in a beautiful spot in Yorkshire between Spofforth and Wetherby, so why not go on a nice walk afterwards and have a picnic?

Go for a walk

We’re big fans of Yorkshire walks. There’s just so much to see – from coastal walks to the moors to a nice country pub circular walk. The best kind of walk does usually begin and end at a pub but if your usual haunt isn’t open or you’re not comfortable in going right now, why not do a circular walk back to your car so you can pick up a hot thermos and nice picnic filled with treats. There’s something to be said about filling a basket full of extravagant foods you might not ordinarily treat yourself to and having it with friends and family at the end of a lovely walk. Getting out in nature and resetting is always a good idea this Yorkshire day.

The seaside

If you do like to be beside the sea side, then there’s lots to choose from. You can’t really go wrong as long as you have a 99 flake in your hand and some fish and chips in the other (maybe not at once actually, seems messy.) A walk along the beach is nice in pretty much any weather apart from pouring rain, so let’s keep our fingers crossed for good/ decent weather this Yorkshire Day!


There you go, just a few ideas on how to celebrate this Yorkshire Day in a socially distanced safe way. We hope it’s giving you an idea or two, if you have any ideas of your own, do share them with us on social! We’d love to hear from you.

So Happy Yorkshire Day everyone! Have a great weekend, team Vale will all be somewhere in Yorkshire eating a pork pie in celebration!

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