How to Eat: The Pork Pie


How do you eat your pork pies?

Within the UK, we all eat our pies differently – hot, cold, condiments, on their own, for lunch, for dinner and so on. We wanted to give you some more ideas on how to eat your pork pie; for inspiration and also to spread the joy of how everyone else enjoys their pork pies.


Do you prefer your pork pie with a side of Branston Pickle? Baked beans? Brown sauce? Or, do you prefer yours plain to appreciate the flavours within? Whatever your preference, it’s important to know your options, so let us walk you through them. If you have any other preferences – let us know on social media, we always love to try new sides with our pies!

The thing is, you don’t want to overpower the pie’s flavour. We’ve been baking our pork pies for over 90 years and put lots of love (and a secret blend of flavour) into those pies, so you want to compliment that flavour, not overwhelm it. So, check out our recipe section for complimentary flavours for our pies that you can make easily and quickly at home. BBQ beans, Summer mango coleslaw, Branston Pickle, brown sauce are all favourites of ours.

Hot condiments in winter, cold in summer?

Well, not necessarily. We’re guilty of this, but we do like to mix things up a bit. We do love fresh seasonal flavours but also, what’s nicer than sitting outside (with a jumper on probably!) in the garden eating a dinner of mini pork pies with char grilled vegetables and coleslaw. Unless it’s the hottest day of the year – and let’s face it, we live in Yorkshire so we’re still waiting for that – then we don’t need to stick with salad.

The same goes for winter when we turn to mash and pork pies with mushy peas as a bit of a comforting treat on freezing evenings. But, why not consider a red cabbage ‘slaw with your pork pie – still rich in flavour but not the standard go to. We find that way, you’re not bored of either option by the end of the season!


Now, we’re firmly in the camp of ‘when isn’t the occasion right for a pork pie?’ You might have seen that the Guardian mentioned us and our Christmas Dinner pork pie plan. However, let’s not be so general. Now, you might have seen that we love our pork pies with a picnic, but pork pies aren’t just a picnic food.

Our brand ambassadors Chris and Holly enjoy a pork pie when they run – the pork pies are a huge energy source – delicious but small enough to pop in their pack to eat when they can take a break. They’re also perfect to fuel their training! Struggle Cycling also feature our pies at their rest stations on their sportives to fuel the riders through their tough challenges!

Personally, we prefer our pies at a slower pace… pork pies for Sunday dinners, for dinner, for lunch – those in Leicester even enjoy them for breakfast on Christmas Day as per tradition.


What do you like to drink with your pork pie? We’re partial to a craft beer, but there’s so much you can enjoy with a pie. We know lots of Yorkshire folk that love a proper Yorkshire brew. We wrote a blog about various Yorkshire beers that pair well with our pies so take a read of that and tell us which is your favourite!


So there you have it – how we enjoy our pies. Now, how about you? What do you enjoy with your Yorkshire pork pies? When do you like to eat them? Let us know!

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