Individual Pork Pies – Your New Favourite Lunch!


If you have children back at school this week you’ve probably been thinking about what kind of packed lunches to send them with. From sandwiches to salad boxes, it’s a trade-off between making something they’ll like and something that’s healthy. A lunch that keeps well without refrigeration and fills them up until tea-time.

It’s easy to make the same old sandwiches day after day. After all, they can be prepared the night before and don’t need much thought, but as anyone who takes a packed lunch to work knows, it can get a little boring.

For a new, different, not to mention easy packed lunch, why not try one of our pork pies? They’re delicious when eaten cold, they keep well in an insulated lunch box, and you can jazz them up with lots of yummy extras. Let’s take a look at some ideas.

Individual Pork Pies

Specially designed for one person, our individual pork pies make a great hearty lunch for older kids. They’re packed full of protein so make a really filling lunch, and with no jelly in sight even the fussiest of eaters won’t complain.

We like to pair our individual pies with some carrot sticks or other veg to nibble on, and they go really well with apple too so add one in for dessert.

These pies are available to buy individually or in packs of four – perfect to keep in the fridge and use throughout the week.

Snack Pork Pies

Our snack pork pies are a great size for younger children, and with yummy flavour combinations like cheese and pickle they’re sure to go down a treat.

Serve with their favourite cheese, some grapes and salad for a fun multi-coloured lunch. It’s a great opportunity to get the kids involved with food, so why not get them to choose what they’d like to add?

Our snack pork pies come in packs of two – very handy if you have two mouths to feed!

Mini Pork Pies

Our mini pork pies are tiny and delicious, and perfect for making lunchtime fun. If your child is a bit of a picker when it comes to food, this is a great way to sneak something protein-rich into their diet. They can eat just one, or two, or three depending on how hungry they are, and these mini pies are also great for sharing with friends.

Serve with mini cheeses, fruit and crisps for a impromptu picnic.

Our mini pork pies come in packs of six and like all our pies, they keep really well for a few hours in an insulated lunchbox.

If you’ve ever been fed up of the same old lunches, or you just can’t face making yet another sandwich, swap to pork pies and embrace a new, more interesting lunchtime!

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