International Flavours – Brazilian Accompaniments For Pork Pies


With the Olympics taking place over the next few weeks, we thought it was the perfect time to think about international flavours and how they pair with our pork pies. Brazil is our first port of call on this culinary journey, so here are some of our suggestions for Brazilian side dishes to eat with our delicious Yorkshire pork pies.

1) Sweet Potato Skins

Really simple to make, sweet potato skins are a great, healthy alternative to ordinary loaded potato skins, and they can be given a little Brazilian twist. Just bake some sweet potatoes and – once the skins are crispy and the middle is cooked, scoop out the potato and mix with chilli (chilli from a can will do!). Sprinkle with cheese and give the skins a few minutes under the grill. Delicious!

2) Brazilian Rice

Rice is really big in Brazil, and rice flavoured with onion and garlic is a staple dish. It’s really simple to make – just cook some plain white rice, then mix with fried onion and garlic. Every house in Brazil has their own way of making this dish, but it’s amazing how good it tastes for something so simple!

3) Farofa

Farofa – made from manioc (cassava) flour – is another traditional Brazlian dish often served with meat, so it’s pretty guaranteed to go well with our pork pies! This recipe from Martha Stewart is a great one to try. If you’re wondering where you can buy cassava flour in the UK, it’s available at lots of health food shops, and Tapioca flour is a great alternative.

4) Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed peppers are always a delicious side dish, but made with Brazilian flavours they’re extra special. Try roasting your peppers, and adding a filling made from vegetable stock, rice, and pinto beans, a good squeeze of tomato paste, fresh oregano and fresh sliced chilli. Bake for a final few minutes with grated cheese and brazil nuts sprinkled on top, and serve with your pork pie.

5) Mashed Plantain

Plantain – available from Waitrose and many afro-caribbean food stores – is a type of banana, only less sweet and only eaten when cooked. They’re great when substituted for mashed potato, and just as easy to make. Simply cut the plantain into chunks and boil for 10-15 minutes until soft, then mash with coconut milk, butter and a handful of cheese. It’s great served with meat, and you might find yourself converted from ordinary mash forever!

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