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And we’re back! Happy New Year everyone, we hope you had a lovely start to 2020. It was when we were gearing up for another year of making delicious Yorkshire pork pies that we found ourselves a little uninspired when it comes to our January lunchbox.

For most, January is a reset button on the year ahead and a time to start some good habits. Whether you’re a fan of resolutions or not, it’s clear that January is a good time to start with some good practices you intend to take forward into 2020. One thing we’re looking to do is improve our lunch boxes – we want to be excited at them, not frowning at yet another cheese sandwich.


Mini pork pies

The humble pork pie is capable of bringing many meals together – from a Sunday dinner to a lunchbox treat. The mini pork pie is our go to pick for a lunchbox, not only because the anticipation of it gets us through the mid morning slump, but also, because the protein fills us up for the rest of the afternoon. If you have a microwave, these are delicious with some baked beans and branston pickle, if not, try with a salad and coleslaw. This is much easier if you have a bento box style lunchbox so that you can section out your lunch.

Summer rolls

One of our main requirements of a lunch is the time it takes to make it in the morning – no one has time to cook a gourmet meal before work, so lets keep it easy and delicious. We’ve made summer rolls lately which take around twenty minutes. These are light and refreshing whilst being really filling – the recipe we use is the Tesco food one. 

Buddha bowl

Something you can make that morning and take with you to eat cold is a Buddha bowl. Make sure you put the dressing at the bottom and the crunchy leaves on top so they don’t go soggy. There’s lots of variations on these bowls so there’s no real right or wrong, just what you like. The Buddha bowl is basically a one dish meal which is usually either rice or whole grains, roast veg and protein. Not only packed with nutrients but the rice, protein and veg makes sure you’re kept full all afternoon which is why it’s such a great lunchtime treat.

Jacket potato

Only relevant if you have access to a microwave at lunch, but the jacket potato is very versatile and frankly, underrated. Tuna and sweetcorn, beans and cheese, what do you eat on yours?


On a bed of rice (look at us all fancy using terms like bed of rice! Gordon Ramsey, call us.) just cook a chicken or beef skewer in the morning and then take some Uncle Bens with you. Chicken satay is our favourite, easy to eat and they’re delicious cold. You can purchase these in food to go aisles too if you sleep in and don’t have time to cook them!

Meat roll up

If you’re as bored as us with wraps and sandwiches, we’re putting a spin on a normal sandwich with a deli meat roll up. Instead of using a bread wrap, use deli meat like turkey slices and wrap them round veggies, salad, cheese slices or even hummus. It’s a similar idea to the lettuce leaf buns, but a little more filling!


And there you have it! Our top lunchbox ideas to kickstart the year! If you have any to share with us, let us know on social media, we’d love to know how you eat your pies! A read of our fab recipe section might also give you further inspiration!

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