Let’s Stay Home.


We hope you’re all doing well right now at home as we focus on being as safe as possible. Whilst we focus on keeping things going in a safe and sensible environment, we are aware your attention might not be on delicious pork pies right now. However, as always, we wanted to spread a little light and happiness to take your mind off things for just a little while.

So, we thought we’d give you some of our ideas for things to do whilst self isolating. Topical and might just give you a little inspiration of things to do right now!

The virtual party

These are actually really fun. There’s so many apps that are coming into the spotlight right now as something super valuable to us to keep up with friends and family online. Zoom is great for having multiple people on one screen. Houseparty is a ‘face to face social network’ which you can use on multiple devices and play games too whilst having a chat. In these uncertain times, we’ve all really learnt the value in togetherness – so moving that online makes sense!

The great part of these virtual parties is that you can absolutely attend in your pyjamas if you’d like. We even did a virtual dinner party, which is pretty self explanatory – you don’t even need to decide on a restaurant! One guess what we ate during our party? A pork pie cheeseboard of course! Using mini pork and pickle pork pies, we had a great time!

What have you always wanted to do?

Work on your fitness? Learn a language? Spend time painting? Or watch that entire box set you’ve been saving? Whatever it is, now is quite a good time to achieve some goals.

You don’t need to go out to exercise for example, there’s some great online classes both free and paid for. On Youtube, there’s some amazing classes and 30 day challenges to keep you fit and active whilst keeping a structured routine. Swap weights for filled water bottles or cans of beans if you don’t have at home weights, they work just as well!

Go out within your own home

There’s some hilarious content on social media right now. One of our favourites was a wife who created a cafe in their garden shed for her husband who loved going out for coffee. “Cafe Ner’Home” is one of our favourite ideas they had. We’ve seen couples getting dressed up to go to the living room for a date night dinner. Other’s have been pretending they’re going to the cinema in their front room, complete with popcorn (also great because no one is sat behind you talking or kicking your chair.) Get inventive, change your mindset and think of how you can make it a little more fun – yes your bedroom can convert into a disco if you use your imagination.

What have you been putting off?

The living room need a lick of paint? The garden looking a little worse for wear? Your wardrobe more of a chaotic ‘shut the doors and pretend it’s tidy’ situation? There’s so much we don’t do day to day because frankly we’d prefer to go out. Now’s the time to get it done! You’ll feel productive and once we’re all safe and able to go out again, you’ll at least have used the time to have made a difference.


If you’re looking for some good news and positivity, remember to follow our social accounts. We just did a post that focuses on the people that are real superstars right now and the comments nominating friends and family is making us really happy right now!

Need recipe inspiration? For easy to make recipes check out our recipe section.

Most importantly, look after yourselves and others.

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