Mac and Cheese Bites Recipe


An easy to make macaroni cheese bites recipe – perfect for serving with Vale of Mowbray mini pork and pickle pies! You can scale the recipe based on how many guests you have. This works wonderfully if you have guests round for a relaxed evening – you can prepare this and serve it hot on a platter with mini pork pies, tomatoes and perhaps even some homemade tomato ketchup. Serve with your favourite wine or craft beer.

We hope you’re all having a wonderful start to the year. There’s so much that will be happening in 2019 here in Yorkshire that we’ve got to look forward to. If you need any ideas of things to do – you can find them in our recent blog. If you’ve set New Years resolutions, we’d love to hear them. We’ve been thinking and we’re going to do more cooking this year. We’d love to think of more elaborate and delicious recipes for accompaniments to a pork pie. Of course, we will be sharing them with you all so keep checking our blog and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram where we will keep you up to date when we post a new recipe!

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