More Award News From Vale HQ


We have more great news at Vale HQ!

A few weeks back you may have read about our nominations for the Great British Food Awards 2019. Two of our Pork Pies had been shortlisted in different categories, the first being our Spicy Piccalilli Pork Pie which has been selected in the British Specialty category, and the next was our Cheese, Pickle & Pork Pie which took the next step in the Savory Bake category.

We are super proud of these nominations, and we look forward to finding out how we got on in the coming weeks.

Well, today we are also delighted to announce more award success. We have just found out the shortlists for the 2019, Deliciously Yorkshire Taste Awards and we are over the moon to see that our Piccalilli Pork Pie has been shortlisted in the Best Pork Pie category! We are humbled by the recognition we are receiving lately, and even with over 90 years in the trade, it’s this kind of pat on the back that still humbles us.

Although we have everything crossed for further announcements of these awards, the fact we are shortlisted is still a real achievement for us.

Thank you to everyone who supports our Yorkshire Pork Pie company, why don’t you pick yourself a Vale of Mowbray Pork Pie next time you’re out shopping, and celebrate with us by sharing your Pork-Pie snaps with us via our social media pages.

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