Nanny Oliver’s Tomato Chutney Recipe – Perfect with a Pork Pie


There you have it, this chutney recipe is so simple to make but really delicious! A tip tip from Chris was that his wife added ginger to some of the jars they make to give it a real kick. Since you can make the chutney in bulk, you can store it in air tight jars in the fridge. We definately need to make this once we finish our favourite jam (Rosebud Preserves of course – from Masham, Yorkshire) so we can reuse the glass jar.

Recipes for accompaniments such as the chutney are really great for making on a rainy Sunday afternoon, not too labour intensive, you can sit and read a book whilst it simmers. Plus – for the week or two following, you have a really easy lunch or dinner by warming up one of our Yorkshire pork pies and having it with some homemade chutney on the side – perhaps with a side salad of crispy lettuce and a few baked beans.

Remember that we love to hear your recipes on what you eat with your pork pie, so make sure to send them to us to be featured on our blog!

Make sure to go follow Chris on Instagram and keep up with his latest adventures – he’s running the Amsterdam marathon this week so we’re sure he’ll appreciate your support! We will be fuelling Chris with our pork pies, they’re great for runners when training and competing in long distance races because they contains carbs and protein which your body needs to replenish your glycogen stores and get you moving mile after mile! Also, on less of a sports science note – they’re delicious so when you’re running and know that in the next mile or the one after that, you’re having a treat, it’s a good way to get your mindset focused on just reaching that point. Then, refreshed and revitalised, you can carry on to the end.

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