Nothing is a Straight Road


Happy New Year to all of our customers, we hope you have had an awesome festive season.

Here at the Vale, we’re proud to support a few athletes on their journeys through the highs & lows of competition. Chris Roxburgh is one of these fine athletes, competing in various competitions whilst balancing life as a paramedic and father. We are lucky enough to have an update of how he’s been doing, we’re sure he will inspire you to kick start your 2020.

Take it away Chris.

If life was a straight road it would be boring! You need a speed bump, pot hole, sharp deviation even a traffic light to make it interesting.

This year has been full of road hazards for me, but one that will be banked and used as a learning experience. Making the decision to try to compete again came out of nowhere but one that was waiting to occur. 2 years of “having a go” at marathon running was good fun and kept me fit and focused on something, but if I was honest to myself it wasn’t really me. It helped my running no end and I learnt a lot especially, about becoming a better pacer.

Speaking to Dave Newport, my now coach and good friend, meant I had the fire back and I hit 2019 hard. Starting in November and putting a lot of training in so that I was ready for the season ahead. I won races, I was on the podium for a lot, and I came top 10 in my first Powerman back as an Elite. PBs were flying and I had great confidence, but then came the injury, agony in my abdomen and something that stopped me in my tracks.

No running, limited biking meant no racing and I lost the whole of the summer to injury. I was finally diagnosed following an MRI scan with a torn Adductor Longis tendon at the insertion point in the groin and Pubic Symphysitis (Google what they are!). Once I got the diagnosis I was able to focus my rehabilitation with my own knowledge and slowly things improved. There is NO point in rushing back, until properly strong and you’ve found the potential cause. I drew on the knowledge of Kieran from The Triathlon Hub to get properly fitted on the bike which meant I was not putting so much stress on my hips and pelvis while riding. It made a MASSIVE difference so I am looking forward to racing in the position again. We love the Marginal Gains, don’t we? Sometimes the marginal gains are not just for the benefit of aero but for the benefit of good bio-mechanics! The body needs to be efficient, but if that means you can push more watts in a slightly less aero dynamic position then so be it! Don’t force yourself into a place your body won’t go as not every human body is the same.

Walk/Jog began in August and this was made easier as I was on holiday at our caravan in the most idyllic part of North Wales. By the end of the holiday I was holding 4 minute jog efforts, HAPPY DAYS! Then by September I was able to jog round a park-run in low 17 minutes. Things were looking up and I was feeling confident, but at all times being held back by the coach so that I did not go backwards with the injury. By September I was getting back into some form of structured training plan. Running session and bike sessions and I was feeling much better. This time round, however, I added in a decent S&C plan and even making sure I was stretching every evening in a basic Yoga plan.

To now….. I am fully training and looking forward to next year. Building well and getting fitter and stronger each week. 2020 will be an interesting year and a busy year. As well as training and racing my life has taken another turn!

After nearly 11 years in the ambulance service I have handed in my notice and will be making the move to work in a local doctor’s surgery as a Paramedic Practitioner. A very exciting move and one which will be

a new challenge and develop me clinically but also be kinder on my body, mind and family life. Many people have said I may even become faster if my body clock is adjusted correctly…… only time will tell.

As well as the new job my wife and I are very excited to announce the imminent arrival of our second child. 2020 will be a big year for the whole family and hopefully the start of great things to come for all of us.

But one thing that has remained a constant is the support from my wife and little lad but also the fantastic support from Vale of Mowbray. Always in contact and always providing me with the fuel to keep going, what more could I ask for! Here’s to a great 2020 for everyone whatever your goals are, but one thing to always remember is that whatever life throws at you, whatever obstacle gets in your way there is always a way round even if it does take a little longer.

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