Our Favourite Hiking Snacks


We’re so lucky here in Yorkshire with our beautiful countryside – there are dozens of hiking trails and picturesque walks right on our doorstep. Whether you’re ambling round Bolton Abbey or challenging yourself to the Yorkshire 3 Peaks, you’ll need some delicious snacks to keep you going, and we don’t mean chocolate bars!

Our top hiking snacks have to meet a few requirements:

– Light & compact, so they don’t add much weight or bulk to your backpack
– No cooking needed!
– Nutritious, providing lots of energy for your walk!
– Purchased locally, supporting our Yorkshire producers and shops

With that in mind, here are our top hiking snacks to take with you on the trail.

Our Snack Cheese & Pickle Pork Pie


Packed with protein, this classic flavour combination is a favourite with our customers. Our snack-size pork pies are the perfect fit for a lunch box or to pop in your backpack, and with two in each pack they make a perfect lunch for a hungry hiker. If you’re feeling generous you could even share your extra pork pie with a friend!

Homemade Trail Mix

Fruit and nuts are a fantastic source of healthy oils, protein and natural fats, so they make a perfect snack when you’re on the move. Your local health food shop is a good place to find a large selection – a great idea if you’d prefer to make your own trail mix from all your favourite things. If you’re in Leeds then we can recommend organic shop Millies’ for their Energy Mix.

Yorkshire Parkin

This ginger cake is typically Yorkshire and a great treat for reaching the top of a particularly big hill. Perfect with a cup of tea, it keeps really well in your lunchbox and is another great sharing snack (if you can bear to part with it). For real Yorkshire Parkin try Lottie Shaw’s, who have been making it here for over 100 years.

Yorkshire Tea

No hiking trip is complete without a thermos of tea, and it would be criminal to use anything except Yorkshire Tea when walking the Yorkshire hills. Produced in Harrogate since 1886, you can take their normal tea, decaf or even Yorkshire Gold for a bit of lunchtime luxury!

There are plenty of delicious local foods here to keep you going all day, but if you have another favourite Yorkshire snack let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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