Pie Accompaniments – What Do You Eat Yours With?


A pork pie is great to enjoy on its own, but it’s even better with some delicious accompaniments. We have an ongoing debate at Vale HQ about which is better – gravy, mushy peas or something completely different?

We decided to open the debate and conduct a little Twitter poll to see what our customers think. The answers were as varied as in our office!

There were a few votes for pickle – one of our own particular favourites:

Lots of people liked onion chutney:

Simple sauces were a winner:

And finally, mushy peas got a big thumbs up!

We aimed to find out your favourite accompaniment, but it turns out the debate is just as hot in the outside world as it is here at Vale. We’ve had some great inspiration for meal ideas, so let the experimentation continue!

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