Pork Pie Accompaniments to Make with the Kids


You can’t go far wrong in the ‘getting them to eat it’ stakes than simply serving up a Vale of Mowbray snack pork pie adorned with a “cake pick”, or flag sporting their favourite character. But let’s face it, the average 2016 parent feels the weight of nutritional judgement from prying eyes, or perhaps the mother-in-law, so here’s how to get kids involved in turning the humble pork pie in to part of a kid-friendly, heathy meal.

Start with the Staple
The single best pork pie accompaniment you can get the kids involved in making is your own home-made ketchup. Whilst ketchup is a big hit with the small people, the home-made version is lower in sugar, bursting with tomato goodness, and packed with the flavour they love. At Vale of Mowbray, we love this Homemade Ketchup recipe from Good Food.

Watch the little ones near the boiling pan, but set them to with hunting down and measuring out ingredients. Even better, this recipe can be frozen in portions, making it easy to whisk out on those busy days.

Get Creative with Salad
Kids aren’t always known for their love of greens, but faced with the expectation that they need to at least get a few vitamins past their lips why not have some fun in the process?

Present the kids with various salad ingredients such as peppers, cucumber, even the odd pickled onion, and some pieces of cheese cut in to small triangles. Let them loose with the instructions to make a funky monster face and see what their imaginations come up with. Will their pork pie be sat alongside cheese teeth or spikey hair, does their face have gorgeous red pepper lips, or perhaps cucumber eyes?

Garlic Bread, Always a Winner
Pork pie, salad and ketchup sorted, many kids love a hunk of garlic bread. Garlic bread is so simple to make at home, and it’s great for getting the kids used to cutting properly with a knife.

Simply take a part-baked baguette. Mix some softened butter with some crushed garlic (amount to taste) and some chopped parsley (if the sight of something green isn’t going to send them running). Then allow your child, with your help and guidance depending on their age and ability, to use a bread knife and cut slashes in the bread. It doesn’t need to be perfect, it will still taste great. Even if they accidentally cut right through the bread, the garlic butter will help things go back in place.

Once you’ve got plenty of slashes in the bread, use fingers to get mucky and squish the garlic butter in to the slashes. Bake according to the part-baked bread instructions.

Put it All Together
Once you’ve had fun making and preparing your pork pie accompaniments, let the kids become the waiters and serve up their creations. There will be smiles all round…and with a bit of luck, very soon there will be empty plates!

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