Pork Pie And Light Beer Pairings


We specialise in creating delicious pork pies here at Vale of Mowbray, and we know that many of our customers enjoy them with other accompaniments like gravy, peas, a great chutney or something completely different!

We’re often asked for recommendations on how to eat our pork pies, and one of the questions we see more and more is: what beer goes well with a Vale pork pie? Well, after much testing we’ve picked out a few favourites, and this week we’ll look at light beer and pork pie pairings.

The American Pale Ale

American pale ales tend to go really well with hearty fare, and you can’t get much more hearty than a pork pie. This style of beer distinguishes itself from an English pale ale by using American hops, which have lots of citrusy aroma and some bitterness (but not too much!). Fans of lighter beers will love this style and it’s a great drink for summer.

Our pick: The Kernel Pale Ale Mosaic

The Wheat Beer

You’ll find lots of wheat beers from Germany and Belgium, but we’re going to pick a German wheat beer because, let’s face it, Germany is also famous for its great sausages and cured meats. Wheat beer is generally light and refreshing, with notes of banana and clove and sometimes even apple. As you can imagine, this goes fabulously well with a pork pie.

Our pick: Schneider Weisse


IPA or India Pale Ale is a hoppy beer, with more bitterness than your usual pale ale. It’s a name you’ll have heard mentioned by lots of craft breweries because it’s a versatile beer that lends itself to experimentation. The citrus flavour of the hops goes really well with our cheese & onion pork pie.

Our pick: Thornbridge Bear State

The Golden Ale

This style of beer is pretty similar to a pale ale, but with a more malty character. You’ll still find lots of citrus and hoppy flavours, but this is generally a really well-rounded beer that goes extremely well with pork. If you’re more of a traditional ale drinker, it’s a good compromise if you want to try something towards the lighter end of the scale!

Our pick: Harviestoun Bitter & Twisted

If you’ve had any of these beers with one of our pork pies, what did you think? We’d love to hear your recommendations!

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