Pork Pie and Traditional Beer Pairings


If you enjoyed our last post on pork pie and light beer pairings, you might like our new forays into pairing our pies with more traditional beer styles.

Traditional styles include bitter, stout, porter and the blanket term ‘real ale’, but like all beers these have come a long way in recent years. You may think you’d never order a pint of bitter in the pub, but chances are you’ll love some of our pork pie and dark beer pairings.

Black Sheep Best Bitter

A cask ale, Black Sheep Best Bitter is probably our favourite tipple to pair with a pork pie. It’s light and golden, so great if you’re not a fan of dark beers, but it has lots of bitterness to cut through the richness of a pork pie. For an extra dimension add a generous chunk of your favourite cheese!

Westmalle Tripel

You can’t get much more traditional than this beer from Westmalle Brewery. Located within a trappist abbey, it’s brewed by monks to fund the abbey and charitable works.

A tripel beer is one with 3x the strength of an ordinary beer, and this one certainly is strong at 9.5%. It’s the sort of beer you spend a long time over, making it great to enjoy whilst snacking on one of our pies. The taste is dry and spicy with a really fruity aroma which goes well with pork. It also gets 99/100 on ratebeer.com, meaning it’s been independently voted as one of the best beers out there.

Williams Brothers March of the Penguins

We had to have a stout on our beer pairing list, and March of the Penguins is one we’ve been enjoying recently. It’s a malty, chocolately, roasted coffee kind of beer with some fruity notes, making for an interesting drink to have with your pork pie. As stouts go, it’s reasonably light so quite enjoyable to have with food.

Bonus Beer

During the latest Craft Beer Hour on Twitter, we asked beer fans which brew they’d choose to pair with a pork pie. Overwhelmingly the response was clear: Tribute Pale Ale, brewed in Cornwall by St. Austell Brewery.

Hoppy and citrusy, this beer only has a rating of 45/100 on ratebeer.com, but if you’re pairing your beer with food you don’t always need it to be amazing on its own. Tribute is available from several supermarkets including Asda and Sainsburys, where you can also pick up our delicious pork pies!

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