Pork Pie and Winter Beer Pairings


There’s nothing better on a winter’s evening than a hot pork pie and accompanying beer. It’s total comfort food – an easy tea that leaves you with a warm and happy glow inside. We’ve already looked at beer pairings for our Yorkshire pork pies, but today we’re going to focus on seasonal beers – that means porters, stouts and a couple of surprises thrown in for good measure.

Waen Chilli Plum Porter
Pork pies and fruit are a favourite combination of ours – especially in Autumn! We love all things chutney and jam, so we look for fruit flavours in beer as well. This chilli plum porter from Waen brewery has loads of dark fruit flavours and a chilli tingle which goes exceptional well with our pies. Don’t take our word for it though – this beer won Beer Bod’s Beer of the Year 2013, so it must be good!

Burton Bridge Bramble Stout
Continuing with our fruity theme, another great winter beer is this multi-award winner from Burton Bridge Brewery. Brewed with blackberry juice to add a little sweetness to the mix, it has an intense chocolatey aroma and a roasted, malty, coffee, chocolatey and fruity taste. Yum! This is quite a rich beer so best enjoyed slowly.

Flying Dog The Fear Imperial Pumpkin Ale
Pumpkin ale? Well, yes – granted this style is more popular in the US than it is over here, it works surprisingly well as a beer. At 9% this offering from Flying Dog is a whopper, but it’s really interesting when paired with food. As the name suggests, it’s brewed with pumpkins and a secret blend of spices, making it really complex with lots of character. A plain pork pie goes really well with this brew.

Ilkley Siberia Rhubarb Saison
Rhubarb ale might sound just as unlikely as pumpkin ale, but you can’t get much more Yorkshire! This Rhubarb ale from Ilkley brewery made quite a stir when it first came out. It really is made with rhubarb, with a sour tartness balancing out notes of vanilla. Opinion was split in our office over whether rhubarb beer was a good idea, but after trying this we’re giving it a big thumbs up.

Thornbridge Wild Raven
At the risk of cheating slightly, we’ve included an IPA as our final winter beer pairing – but it doesn’t look like an IPA! Wild Raven from Thornbridge brewery is a black IPA, with flavours of dark roasted fruits and bitter chocolate. Sound amazing? It was voted the World’s Best IPA at the World Beer Awards in 2012 and 2013. You don’t need another excuse to pair it with one of our pork pies!

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