Pork Pie & Quinoa Recipe


So there you go; our Californian Pork Pie recipe; ideal for Easter weekend guests! A really easy recipe, it’s all in the preparation of this slicing all the ingredients but once all put together with a lovely dressing, it’s a Californian Summer twist on the humble pork pie! We’d recommend doubling the recipe and popping it in a Tupperware for the next day so you can enjoy it for lunch too – with no more effort you have a lunchtime treat which for us is always amazing whilst having a long day at work!

One of our favourite things about this recipe, as well as tasting slightly of sunshine is that it’s so customisable and you can add in different veggies and even fruits depending on how you’re feeling or what you like! Try adding in more pistachios or pomegranate seeds – add in some mango or green apple chunks for a more summery taste explosion!

If you try this recipe, make sure to let us know on social media how you like your pork pie and quinoa!


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