Pork Pie and Yorkshire Beer Pairings


Mmm…there aren’t many combos that go as well together as pork pie and beer. If you’re a true Yorkshire lad or lass then this is your heritage, in a marriage made in heaven. Check out our favourite pairings of pork pie and Yorkshire beer that celebrate everything ‘Yorkshire’:

1872 Porter & Snack Cheese and Pickle Pork Pies
A perfect pairing for a colder day, perhaps as you enjoy a local footie or rugby match, the 1872 Porter from Elland Brewery washes down one of Vale of Mowbray’s snack cheese and pickle pies with ease. Like the pork pie, this porter is a Yorkshire thoroughbred, dating back to 1872. This nectar is lighter than a traditional stout, but has some great smoky aromas as you’d expect from a decent porter.

Gyle 479 & Large Pork Pie
The Gyle 479 from Leeds Brewery weighs in at a whopping 8.9% and is a true craft beer. This makes it ideal for enjoying alongside a good hunk of one of our traditional large pork pies as you spend time with friends. Gyle 479 is matured in oak single malt Islay Whisky casks and the results are evident, with a smoky vanilla taste that also carries a spicy, dry linger.

Mary Jane & Mini Pork Pies
One for lazy summer days, head out on a picnic armed with a bottle or two of Mary Jane pale ale from Ilkley Brewery, a packet of our Mini Pork Pies, and some good friends and you’ll be one happy Yorkshire man, or woman. The Mary Jane packs a big, hoppy flavour whilst being low on alcohol. Win-win.

Rapture Red Hop Ale & Grosvenor Egg Pork Pie
The Rapture Red is a relative new kid on the block from Magic Rock Brewing, having only been around since 2011 (that’s a short time in the beer world…). It’s also a little cheeky, as although this is a Huddersfield ale its inspiration lies over the pond in the US. However, we love the citrusy hop taste with a good malty tang, and this it works beautifully with our Grosvenor Egg Pork Pie. The both deviate from the norm whilst staying true to their roots – making them great buddies.

Wold Gold & Country Pork Pie
Wold Gold from Yorkshire Brewery has a major plus in its favour: you can get it in one of 67 Yorkshire Marks and Spencer branches. That means it’s never too far away. We think this 4.8% beer goes delectably with a good generous slice of our Country Pork Pie Slice. In the Wold Gold you get barley, wheat and Cara malt with Golding and Styrian hops. The result is a fruity, spicy taste that rests easily alongside the straightforward Country Pork Pie.

What about your favourite beer and pork pie tastings? Have you found a combo that’s too good to keep quiet about? Let us know, we’d love an excuse to give another beer a try and to delve in to the deliciousness of this couple once more.

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