Pork Pies and Guacamole Recipe


A year round treat

There you go; a delicious pork pie recipe for guacamole. We’re really lucky that avocados are in season all year round; the California growing season lasts February through September with it’s main output in the Summer. Perhaps that’s why traditionally a flavour associated with the summer months. However, we also get avocados from Mexico who have a year round crop production. The rise of the avocado is incredible – in 2017 it was reported by Vogue that in 2016, 33 shipping containers are delivered weekly to China. Compare that to three years previous where they didn’t import a single avocado. The in 2015, us Brits actually spent a whopping £142 million on avocados. In the same year, our American friends ate 4 billion in a year! Basically, we all love avocados; the flavour, the versatility and the health benefits.

In Latin America, the avocado trees have actually been growing since 7000BC and are today nicknamed ”green gold.” This is due to the high price for crops they receive – higher than anything else in the area.

With such a quick recipe, serve your guacamole on a shareable marble platter just like ours with a large pork pie. Guacamole and pork pie are a great flavour combo and really compliment each other. The large pork pie is great to slice and share, perhaps also include some tortilla chips on your sharing board; with guacamole they’re always a favourite for guests!

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