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Hopefully, from social media and our last blog you’ll know all about one of our brand ambassadors Chris. He has now decided to start training for Powerman – one of the most gruelling races which he will tell you all about in this blog. When we’re arranging pork pie deliveries to fuel him through training, he’s almost always just been training and it sounds completely exhausting! In this blog, Chris tells you all about what Powerman is and why pork pies are fantastic for training…


What is Powerman?

Powerman Duathlons are duathlon events that are competed over middle (10 km run, 60 km bike, 10 km run) to long distance (10 km run, 150 km bike, 30 km run) duathlons around the World. 

Powerman as an event is continually growing year on year and there’s more races than ever happening around the world. The most famous of them all is the World Championships held in Zofingen, Switzerland every year. The brutal 10k run, 150k bike 30k run is not for the faint hearted!


What is your training plan like?

My training plan is managed by my coach, but like any good training schedule it is periodised to events throughout the year. However, unlike a pro athlete my plan is also tailored specifically to my hectic life. As a full time daddy, husband and paramedic, balance is key. Shift work and family life result in a lack of sleep and proper rest so co-ordination with my coach is invaluable, but sometimes it is just a case of sucking it up and getting it done whenever I can! No excuses! At the moment we are aiming for consistency over this winter period, with minimal rest days


How does a Vale of Mowbray pork pie help with your training?

As well as being delicious, the porkpie is a great energy source. Underestimated little power source! Packed full of carbs, fat and protein, perfect for a long distance athlete doing miles and miles, days and days, hours and hours of training.


What’s your favourite stage of the event?

When I first began Powerman I felt I was a cyclist rather than a runner. I have stepped away from the sport over the last 2 years and focused on marathon training. Now I enjoy the whole package of the event! At the end of each stage you actually look forward to starting the next. If you asked which my favourite distance of race is, I would bizarrely say the 10k, 150k, 30k, distance! I love going long and maybe I am a bit sadistic!   


Top tip for Powerman training?

Consistency! Stay focused, stay strong and just because it is a longer race than a normal duathlon do not go mad for distance! Try and get out with good running groups and cycling groups, and make yourself strong and fast in each event. Running is the hardest part, so try to enter separate races. Just because you’re a multisport athlete does not mean you shouldn’t run against real true runners!


Top tip during the event – both mentally and physically?

The event is long and hurts! Treat each stage as a new race; it’ll break the race up. This is especially true when it comes to Zofingen! You will be able to prepare mentally for the whole event this way. Physically, pace yourself. Know your limits which will allow you not to burn all your resources early on in the event.


Top recovery tips for Powerman training?

Good nutrition, good sleep, and a well balanced training plan. Do not overload the body by doing too much and make sure you periodise your plan. Good sleep is key in any sport and studies have shown an athlete need at least 8 hours. Anything less increases the risk of injury. Good nutrition means a balanced diet, and not one filled with “fads”. Make sure you know what is right for you and cater your nutritional plan based on your body. Supplement if needs be as sometimes we cannot consume as much as we need.


What’s your favourite flavour of pork pie?

I do love the traditional pork pie but the Vale of Mowbray Pork and Pickle pie is FANTASTIC!


Pre Race Essentials?

By now you should be physically prepared so now all that is left is a good taper (not to long), good nutrition and fuelling and getting your head mentally prepared. You will have done the physical preparation so now it is time to believe!


What’s your top essential piece of kit to use during the race?

Good question…. I guess as it is a two event sport I cannot chose only one piece of kit. Running, I would say it has to be the correct trainers for me. I use ASICS trainers namely the ASICS 451 with BOA system for quick release, perfect for transition. Cycling, I would say you need the correct bike and set up for fast, aero riding. As it is non drafting I have gone for the Cervelo P3 and light weight and aero bike.


Why does good nutrition help during a race?

During moderate to high intensity exercise, the body needs fuel sources which it gets mostly from carbohydrates with some fat storage too. The carbohydrate fuel comes in the form of both blood glucose and muscle glycogen. If you’re well prepared, you can plan ahead to work out the fuel you will need. Don’t forget the fluids too – it’s vital for when you excercise because as your sweat rate begins, so does the body’s need for an increased fuel and fluids intake. 

Food is really important during the races and training to improve performance – it really does give further ability in how much strength you have!


When’s your Powerman Race and where can we find you?

My first Powerman race is the 23rd February, and it is Powerman Spain held in Mallorca, the standard Powerman distance of 10k / 60k /10k. It’ll be a fast race with a lot of the big names of Powerman racing. This race will be my time to show my ability to qualify for the European Championships (race TBC) and race for GB.


You can follow me and my progress on different social media channels:

Twitter: @RoxyRoxburgh

Instagram: @croxburgh


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