Proper Father’s Day Fodder


With Father’s Day approaching rapidly, it’s time to think outside of the box. Lockdown is still going on and many shops aren’t open. Online deliveries are taking longer than we’re used to and you may be wondering how to get Dad that ideal gift – you know, the one that really says you care.

What better way to show him what he means to you, than by making him a brunch of epic proportions? With beer.

You can have the ingredients for this banging brunch delivered direct to your door and whip up a storm in the kitchen that will have the biggest smile on his face. What’s more, it’s only right that the wider family digs in too, so it really is win-win!

Our online meat box delivery service covers a huge area, from Hull to Newcastle, Carlisle, Manchester and everywhere in between. Pick a pre-set box full of delicious meaty treats, or even build your own!

There is a fantastic range of products on offer, from our famous pork pies (which we’ve been baking right here in North Yorkshire since 1928 – we know, we don’t look old enough) through to tasty sausages, bacon, pork tenderloin, beef mince, eggs, bread and more!

So, Dad’s brunch… here’s what to do.

Create a special menu (click here to download a template!) to accompany his meal. Ideal whether he’s being treated to brekkie in bed or is joining you all at the table. Children can practise their very best writing to do this, too – home-schooling win!

Whip up a breakfast of his favourite things (check out our breakfast box to make it even easier) and deliver it to him with a big old mug of Yorkshire Tea, or why not treat him to a pint of Pennine’s No. 3 Cellar IPA? It’s been brewed with our pies in mind.

Naturally, everyone else must do the washing up while Dad watches TV, reads the paper or does whatever else it is he enjoys doing (don’t worry, you’ll all get your own day to enjoy this royal treatment!), and then why not crack out the board games and have a right proper family day?

Watch a film, go for a socially distant walk, play naff but hilarious games like charades – just enjoy the day together. And if you don’t live with Dad, you can have the breakfast delivered to him directly so that he can enjoy a tasty treat on you.

Happy Father’s Day!



Post by Peachy Digital

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