A Roman Pork Pie Twist


So there you have it! An easy, fig based recipe that will go perfectly with a pork pie – especially refreshing now we’re (finally!) moving towards Spring and hopefully warmer months. The Romans had fig and pork pie meals, so this is more of a modern twist on this!

Whilst today, we think of the pork pie as our perfectly uniform pies with that golden brown bake, it’s important to remember that when we speak of pork pies of centuries gone by, they weren’t necessarily like that. Clarified butter was also poured into the hole left at the top of the pie which turned solid when the pie was cooled and then acted to protect the meat inside from the air outside which kept it fresher for longer. We use jelly today as meat usually shrinks as it cools, so we want to both make sure it’s a full pie and to add more flavour, so a rich stock setting into a jelly is used.

The Roman’s obviously had fabulous taste, so let us know what you think of our adaptation! They might have built the Colosseum, formed the basis of the calendar and shown us how to bind books – but no one bakes a pork pie like us here in Yorkshire!

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