Simple Supper Ideas With Our Pork Pies


Sometimes you need something quick, something to fill the belly when work has been hard, the kids have required full-on attention, or you’re simply a little tired. Eating well when life’s pressures stack up and leave you reaching for the take-away menu, but we’ve got another idea. Pork pies make the best fast food, and here are our favourite ways to make the humble pie in to a simple supper that will nurture and nourish.

Weeknight Trolley Dash
If you’re pressed for time, and your partner has asked you to stop off at the supermarket on the way home, many people’s attention turns to a ready pizza, or an uninspiring ready meal. Instead, grab your favourite Melton Mowbray Pork Pie, some ready prepared dauphinoise potatoes, and a fresh salad. Boom, dinner in a jiffy with a wonderful nutritional balance.

Spring Time Picnic
It’s good to get away from the humdrum and the groundhog day nature of everyday life. Now that the weather is brightening, and evenings are starting to lengthen and we’re no longer only seeing the dark, take the opportunity to start the picnic season. Pack up a basket with some individual pork pies, crisps, crudites, dips, and fresh fruit, then head out in to the Yorkshire spring to enjoy your simple supper al fresco.

Make a Hash of It
This one might surprise you, but if you haven’t attempted combining pork pie in to a mashed potato hash then you’re missing a trick. We have to admit this involves cutting up our beloved pork pies in to cubes smaller than we’d normally advise, but follow through with us here. Mixed up the diced pie in to a good helping of mash. Add to some browned and fried onions and bacon, add in some favourite green veg, and fry everything off. This is Bubble and Squeak like you’ve never tasted before, and it’s warm, comforting, deliciousness on a plate served with a big squeeze of ketchup or brown sauce.

Yorkshire Ploughman’s
Everyone loves a Ploughman’s Supper. Good enough for the folks of old coming in off the field, and it’s good enough for those of us coming in from the coal-face of the office. As well as slices of good quality ham, a hunk of Yorkshire’s finest Wensleydale cheese, some piquant pickles and some bread and tomatoes, add a good hunk of the Vale of Mowbray Grosvenor with Egg Pork Pie. Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you, because this simple supper is going to become a firm family favourite through the spring and summer months.

Meat & Two Veg
It’s easy to think of a pork pie as only a cold spread. However, whilst the weather is still warming up for the year you can warm your soul by warming your favourite pork pie in the oven and enjoying alongside some roast potatoes and your favourite veg. Don’t forget lashings of gravy. You won’t look back.

So next time you reach for the frozen pizza, give a simple supper with pork pie a try.

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